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Highlights: Norwich 1 – 6 Manchester City (English Premier League -- 14/04/2012)

Tevez 18,73,80
Aguero 27,75
Johnson A 90

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Gamer19823690d ago

Looks like City are gonna fight until the end and the leagues better for it. Would be boring otherwise :). City's found there past form and couldn't come at a better time.

b163o13690d ago

Agreed, I'm hoping Everton stuns United. I know United fans are watching there rear view mirrors thinking, where the hell did that blue moon come from....CTID
4-30 is shaping up to be freaking Historical

buddymagoo3689d ago

I think we are more like how the hell did we end up 5 points clear without our captain all season and all the injuries we have had. We just have that resilience and we are relentless.

b163o13689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

The only reason United are 5 points clear, is cause we(City) lost are form. If we kept our form up it would have been no way United would have caught us, you'll would be waiting on the derby to close the gap. But we can't cry now, milks already spilled.

PaPa-Slam3690d ago

Freaking amazing match, 1 goal after another, M.City completely crushed their opponents.

This is getting exciting.

AcceptedWalnut3690d ago

Foy tried his hardest but like at the start of the season, we we're too good and come overcome the refs poor display.

Also, when Lescott cleared off the line, how was that not a foul on Joe Hart? I'm sure Wigan had a goal disallowed for an incident far less than that :/

Anyway, 6-1 away, against a set of fans wearing green and gold, i'm sure i've seen that before XD

Nes_Daze3689d ago

Holy crap, if they play like this at the derby....

MaximusPrime3689d ago

outstanding performance by Man City.

I think the second goal was the best.