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Disgraceful Chelsea fans ruin minute's silence for Hillsborough tragedy

"A section among the Chelsea supporters jeered and booed during the tribute, with a chant of “murderers” reported. The referee ended the silence to the 96 victims after less than half a minute."

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kulka3875d ago

That was just sad coming from plastic fans who have no respect for human life

b163o13875d ago

Damn shame, Chelsea need a heavy fine for this one. No respect @all

shadowraiden3875d ago

its not chelsea just a small minority ruining it for the majority as usual.

dont blame chelsea blame the minority they should be banned from going to a football game for their life's and given fine's.

Kopite_20203875d ago

Agreed, it's sweeping generalisations like blaming a whole club and its supporters that gets us in this mess in the first place. For instance if there was a Utd fan chanting about Hillsborough he'd probably say he only does because Liverpool fans chant about Munich and visa versa. There is always going to be some sick disrespectful wastes of life that are present in any crowd that will try to provoke trouble, the only way to beat them is not to tarnish every fan with same brush but by refusing to lower yourself in retaliation. I have never and will never chant about tragedies like Munich and will pull up anyone I hear doing so. Stick together, think for yourself and have respect. YNWA

Mozilla893875d ago

Sure, just blame the whole club for the actions of a few fans. The club came out immediately and condemned the actions of the few fans who did this. They're working with the FA to identify and apprehend the culprits.

PaPa-Slam3875d ago

I don't think anyone is blaming the whole club, if anyone is indeed blaming the whole club,that's stupid.

People who did this are the only one's to blame here.

Mozilla893875d ago

I agree, and to be honest most people's opinions seem to be the same as yours. I was just trying to respond to b163o1. His comment about fining the club makes no sense at all because it's almost impossible for a club to control the actions of every single fan.

silvacrest3875d ago

it looks like kulka & b163o1 are blaming the whole club

kulka3874d ago

I never blamed all the fans for this. Only a small section behaved like idiots..

Fez3875d ago

Rangers and Celtic have been fined for Sectarian chanting of a minority of fans a number of times. And rightly so, it's impossible to identify everyone involved so I say punish the club... should make the bad fans think twice and the good fans show true.

silvacrest3875d ago

so....punish everyone because you cant find who is responsible?

Fez3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

yup, as long as it's not my team... screw 'em

lol, just kidding but here's an example of celtic getting fined for a fans sign -

Fining clubs means the club has to take an active interest in trying to stop stupid fans going to games and fans have to behave better when watching a match if they don't want their team to suffer. It's not fair but neither is life.

Same idea with pubs getting shut down, if their patrons cause too much fighting, for not keeping their customers under control.

PaPa-Slam3874d ago

I read 'Kulka's' comment again and it doesn't look like he's blaming the whole club.

PaPa-Slam3875d ago

That was pathetic, Honestly.

What were those fools thinking.

Ninjamonkey823875d ago

I'll direct this at the idiots that disrepected the minutes silence then. D**kheads. Marking the deaths of people where was the need in what they did there complete trash imo.

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