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New U.S. National Team Uniforms Unveiled by Nike, Feature Red and White Stripes

BR - At long last, the mystery has been solved.

Where's Waldo? He plays for the United States Men's National Team, apparently.

Nike unveiled new home jerseys for the US men's and women's national teams, and, well, they look a lot like the title character from the Where's Waldo? series.

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PaPa-Slam3823d ago

Where's Waldo, that's what came to my mind, even before reading the description, while it does look kinda good, i think they should change it if they don't want to be the butt of many jokes.

Corepred43823d ago

SMH... people at Nike are morons. Nobody wants their kit to look like they did back in the day, unless they were really good, ours obviously wasn't. So stupid, it's kinda making me mad! lol Look like a damn rugby team! Should have kept the dominant blue. Come on Nike! Your American football uniforms sucked donkey too!!

The_Devil_Hunter3822d ago

Arent american football jerseys made by Reebok?

Corepred43822d ago

Starting this coming season they switched. Now it's Nike.

krazykombatant3822d ago

Looks like christmas colours too.

freeduck3821d ago

MLS has some really good jerseys. I'm surprised they downgraded from the current kit.