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Rafa Marquez Has Gone Too Far with Latest Incident, MLS Must Take Action

BR - Rafa Marquez has been nothing but a problem for the New York Red Bulls since coming to the team in the summer of 2010.

Last year, he was suspended for one game after ripping his teammates in the media and accusing them of not being on the same level as him and then was suspended for three games after he threw a ball at Landon Donovan and then feigned getting hit in a scuffle he started.

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PaPa-Slam3815d ago

After watching him over the year, i have come to a conclusion (He's Just Weaker In The Upper Story).

This does not know what the word (TEAM) means, always plays like a 1 man show.

krazykombatant3815d ago

LOOL "accusing his teammates of not being in the same level as him". Your in the MLS one way or another.

Infernostew3814d ago

He's been shit in the MLS anyway. Most of his teammates are probably playing better than he is.