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FIFA confirms goal-line technology tests

Soccer is poised to finally end its long resistance to modern technology by implementing a ground-breaking new system designed to eradicate unfair goal-line decisions.
Following a weekend that saw yet another high-profile match influenced by a refereeing mistake, international governing body FIFA will push ahead with plans to test and then introduce new technology that uses missile-grade precision sensors or a magnetic field to assist the officials.

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PaPa-Slam3821d ago

I honestly think this is a brilliant move, but it's funny how so many people online are against it and are asking them to remove this.

Technology can only being good & justice to the game.

claney3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

The only issue I have with it, is when do they review if it was a goal or not? as with the Chelsea v Tottenham game the ball was still in play, Chelsea could have put the ball in 30 seconds latter, or Tottenham could have ran it down and scored at the other end (it does happen), I'm in favour of goal line technology but I just don't want it to ruin the flow of the game, hopefully they don't bring it in for everything like the ball going out or normal tackles.

The problem with soccer is its a more continuous sport then the other mentioned; Tennis, NFL, Cricket, Rugby, they all have so many stoppages they suit video technology and video referees more then soccer.


I'm sure the referee will be allowed to stop the game if a goal line decision needs to be made that way preventing any scenarios you just mentioned.

XboxInnovation3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

They should do what the NHL does. Have a camera inside the net. And have a "war room" or headquarters of people watching games.

For example, in the FA in England every Saturday and Sunday or whenever games take place there would be 6-7 guys watching the games in the war room. If there is a questionable goal, the war room is already watching it over and over on the camera inside the net. Then all the ref needs to do is go to the tunnel and get the call. It would take 2 minutes max, about the same time a diver sits on the ground 8 times a game.

And they need to start handing out suspensions and fines to divers, even if a penalty or yellow was called/given out.

This sport would be on the right track if these things were done.