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Highlights: Chelsea 1 – 0 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League - 18/04/12)

1-0 45+2′ Didier Drogba

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buddymagoo3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Well done Chelsea! Barca beaten by an English team that currently sits 6th in the league table. Premier League, Best in the world!

Messi wouldn't be able to cope in the Premier League.

theEx1Le3821d ago

Determined teamwork and unity on that pitch tonight, they deserved the win.

ProjectVulcan3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I called it, and i felt Chelsea would give them a game. Chelsea are more naturally setup to play Barcelona than any of the other top English clubs, being able to comfortably play a 4-3-3 type formation.

This is why their record and performances against Barcelona the past decade or so have been very good.

Barcelona have Madrid, and Chelsea have Arsenal this weekend. Massive games for both of them. Will be interesting to see if there are major team changes.

This is a fantastic result for Chelsea just because Barcelona have no away goal. If Chelsea can go to Camp Nou and nick a goal, they will reach the final IMO. Milan managed to score there, so did Leverkusen.

Its tightly balanced, but Chelsea have a really fantastic chance now.

b163o13821d ago

Messi can't compete in EPL, he dominates LaLiga. CR7 is versatile able to compete in multiple leagues, which makes him a complete player IMO. Messi is great, but only in one league...

--Onilink--3820d ago


well i wouldnt really call it a 4-3-3

at times it was a 9-0-1
then a 9-1-0
and at the end was a 10-0-0

but still, they defended amazingly, Drogba had an amazing game, never gave a ball for lost.

They really deserved the score. Barca needs to find some alternatives when a team defends this well against them, they need more variety in offense

krazykombatant3821d ago

You seem to like getting disagrees don't you buddymagoo??

I will admit I was cheering chelsea on but only due to the fact that I'm a madrid fan.

Don't start up the bullshit that Premier league teams are better. Man U couldn't compete in the FA Cup, The Europa Cup OR the Champions League. Ohhh that thing you said that we haven't been to a final in 9 years. Do you really want to go into a discussion about finals and trophies with between Man U and Real Madrid.

Corepred43821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

+1 krazy. lol.

and didn't Athletic take you out of the EUROPA league? Who are in 7th place in La Liga?

buddymagoo3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Manchester United have been in transition this year with a new Goalkeeper, losing our captain for the season and having Scholes missing half the season on top of all the injuries we had. We have done well to be where we are. Madrid on the other hand might now end the season without a trophy wit one of the best players in the world. One thing is for sure, you won't beat Barca Saturday like Chelsea have. Come on EPL!

This is about Chlesea and Barcelona tonight, no need to bring up Real and Man Utd.

FatGayandbald3821d ago

EPL is the best in the world and its been proved again by a team 6th in premier league beating supposedly best in the world, but they are not the best,they just have the best player in the world.

The 2 best teams in spain have now been beat now,i think its safe to say the spanish league nowhere near the best and a boring 2 horse race every year.

Man U and other premier league teams like liverpool have their cycles n their time will come again in the CL,to say United can't compete because of a bad season is stupid.

1 thing is for sure ,if barcelona can't beat a premier league team whose players are in the twilight of their careers then both real madrid and barcelona would get destroyed in the EPL.

These old guys at chelsea would make Nelson proud lol.

ProjectVulcan3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

So what do you say if the final is between the 2nd placed German club more than half a dozen points behind the leaders and the 6th placed English club more than 20 points behind the leaders?

Does that mean the two top Spanish clubs aren't as good as you thought?

Manchester United had a poor year in Europe, and they looked disinterested in the Europa league.

That doesn't suddenly make them a considerably worse side than these semi finalists. Nor Man City. It just means they had a bad run of results at a bad time.

It can happen to anybody. It is still nice to see Chelsea, a club outside the champions league spot in England currently, beat Barcelona and potentially reach the final.

Kind of blows these pointless best couple of teams means best league comparison arguments out the water TBH

I have never really judged a league on how good the top 1 or 2 teams are in it versus everybody else, just how exciting it is in terms of passionate rivalries and edgy matches and entertainment.

Cos really, thats what football is isn't it? Entertainment.

In that respect, the premier league still has every other European league beat hands down for my money. Why else do you think it generates such vast revenues....

Infernostew3820d ago

You seem like you love to talk a lot of smack about United. 1 poor run of games in the Champion's League and you run your mouth like United have constantly been poor in Europe. When was the last time Real made it to 3 finals in a 4 year span? 1950s? Who cares about Europa or the FA Cup when winning the league is a much bigger focus than those Johnstone's Paint Trophies.

--Onilink--3820d ago

you know what i think makes the biggest diference between EPL and La Liga (in favor of EPL), that the EPL is not a two team league as it has been the case with La Liga for a while now.

You know almost any team can compete and maybe even defeat the top teams. On the spanish league, the most you can hope when another team plays against madrid or barca is perhaps a tie every 10 games...

Its that competition that even the small teams bring to the table that makes the EPL so good (the best in my opinion)

sonic9893820d ago

hahaaa i was cheering chelsea cause i am a madrid fan too Hala madrid
btw chelsea did an amazing job i hope ramos learns from cahil and alonso from lampard also coentao to learn from ashley cole there defense was tight
btw benzema is a big chances waste he needs to be more clinical in front of the goal like drogba ( in the end congrats chelsea )

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Nes_Daze3821d ago

"Messi wouldn't be able to cope in the Premier League". Funny, considering he scored a goal on your fav. team, hell even Pedro scored a goal against your team, then Bilbao beat them twice.

Meanwhile, MANU couldn't even get to semifinals, a lot of talk coming from somebody who doesn't have much room to do.

MaximusPrime3821d ago

Hear hear. Man U already out of both European competitions.

Sorry I didn't mean to remind you

buddymagoo3821d ago



We had a blip this year in Europe and we will be back next year. Mark my words!

No, yes NO London team has ever won a European cup so if I was you I would keep my mouth shut in regards to Europe.

krazykombatant3821d ago

Ha! save the lame excuses of players being injured for someone who is gullible enough to buy them! They are professional players. Man u played poorly in Europe and you call it a "transition year".

For that matter Real Madrid have been in "transition years" for quite a while and were finally getting back to our former glory.

buddymagoo3820d ago

I wouldn't really call spending 150m a year transition. Spending that kind of money you expect instant results.

We spend a third of your budget yet have been to the last 3 in 4 Champions League finals. If it weren't for our arrogance in thinking we could beat Barca at their own game maybe we could have won more but we played more open than we should have. You can not play Barca's game against Barca which is why Chelsea did well looking to park the bus then hit them on the break. This has been the only way to beat Barca now for the last couple of years. Mourinho's Inter did the same.

Anderson83820d ago

as much as i enjoyed seeing barca lose dont read too much into this.. they dominated for 90mins and hit the woodwork twice whilst missing a few sitters.. unless chelsea find a bus to park infront of goal at the nou camp barca will destroy them.. and messi would run riot in the prem he's already ripped us and arsenal to shreds 1 quiet game means nothing

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freeduck3821d ago

Unlucky barca, they really deserved something from this game. Hit the crossbar twice

I could see Chelsea getting battered at the Camp though, Chelsea could only counterattack at home

kulka3821d ago

Good result for Chelsea at home but away from home it will be far more diffcult.

lugia 40003821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Chelsea keeps getting lucky. First they played worse than Benfica both times, and they won. Now they play against Barca, and they won. They had far more posession, shooting, and chances than chelsea, at least twice more.

They will get wrecked away... or theyll be lucky again.

Corepred43821d ago

Rather be lucky than good!

That's the saying isn't it?

Nes_Daze3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Barca had more possession, created more opportunities, had more shots, etc. 1-0 is disappointing.

Fabregas was nowhere to be found, and then that last play where we were inches from a goal. Ugh!

Oh well, time to do some work at home!!

Nes_Daze3821d ago

Probably, difference is we can beat them at home...

RGB3821d ago

Barca haven't beaten Chelsea in their last 3 games at Camp Nou.

RGB3820d ago

Madrid have an away goal, 50% - 50% game.

Chelsea scored and you need 3 and you haven't beat them in 3 at the Camp Nou. Madrid have a better chance. Additionally, Messi hasn't scored against Chelsea yet.

Anything can happen but the next few weeks will be critical for Barca, they could be out of everything.

Nes_Daze3821d ago

@RGB, true, but Barca's performance has been very good lately at home. I'd worry more about Bayern visiting Bernabeu if I were you.

Jihaad_cpt3820d ago

cant win a game on possession can you? You need goals. Barca played much better than Chelsea though, as you highlighted but only one thing counts in the end.... Goals

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