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Jose Mourinho: Real Madrid can reach Champions League final

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho says his side can still reach the Champions League final despite their semi-final first-leg defeat at Bayern Munich.

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krazykombatant3818d ago

Not if you keep playing Khedira.

Corepred43818d ago

Lol I had a problem with Khedira a while back. But then he won me over. He's starting to not show up though so right now I'd like to see Coentrao and Khedira on the bench.

krazykombatant3818d ago

hes the most useless player that we have out of the whole team. IMO he doesn't deserve to be a starter over the likes of kaka.

--Onilink--3818d ago

well Ronaldo played infinitely worse than Khedira in Munich. Lets hope he starts showing up in important matches since obviously Mourinho wont take him out.

As for Coentrao, he played bad (as Arbeloa) but its not like Marcelo is any better defending, so we will have to see what they do in the regard, though its almost 100% guaranteed Coentrao wont be in the starting 11

rockystorm3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

In my humble opinion, I believe Varane needs to play more often. This guy can defend!

krazykombatant3818d ago

lol what are you smoking --Onilink--?

Sure he didn't play as well but thats cuz madrid were sloppy the whole time. Mou parked the bus and left him up there to try and play a counter attack. He has been our best player.

At least CR7 got the ball and try to make plays, Bayern players ran circles around khedira.

Don't start the b.s that he doesn't show up for important matches. I didn't see messi do jack squat yesterday at chelsea.

--Onilink--3817d ago

what??? ronaldo barely had the ball, he didnt bother to go and look for it, and almost every time he had it he lost it. He was a complete waste of a player in that match.

And mourinho parking the bus certainly didnt stop benzema from playing a LOT better than Ronaldo.

Also, there is a reason why that topic is brought up, because its something very common, out of 5 important matches, Ronaldo plays well in maybe 1... and who said anything about messi?? i dont remember this post being about Barca

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rockystorm3818d ago

I am confident that Madrid will reach the Finals. Especially, cuz we were able to steal that away goal. It's gonna be an El Clasico Finale, i'm sure of it!

ProjectVulcan3818d ago

You'll be far better off hoping Chelsea make the final because if Barcelona do they'll beat you just as they have the other 6 times from the last 9 you played them.

rockystorm3818d ago

^Ur point? All I said was that there is going to be an El Clasico Finale.

ProjectVulcan3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

What do you mean whats my point? My point is what i just said above. Duh. Did i say anything you didn't understand? So what was the point of YOUR second reply to me ask yourself?

I was merely stating that in response to you believing it would be a Madrid v Barcelona final clearly as a Madrid fan you would stand a better chance of winning against Chelsea.

I don't fancy you beating Barcelona at all, especially not in this final. Whereas i did fancy Chelsea to beat Barcelona in the semis, albeit at least give them a very close call.

Kos-Mos3817d ago

You sound like a kid vulcan. Ridiculous comments.

ProjectVulcan3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I sound like a kid Kos-Mos? By suggesting Real Madrid would have a greater chance of beating Chelsea? This is ridiculous to you?

You're a kid for wading in where you aren't required. You are being retarded as your SOLE comment in this thread being NOTHING about the topic whatsoever, just attacking me. Completely irrelevant comment kid!

Don't be so ludicrous. Look in the mirror first. In fact anyone can take one glance at your comment history and all you do is go around abusing, slating, swearing and insulting people.

This is why we need less people like you on this site. If you have nothing to contribute to the topic, don't bother posting.

You should think about that and admit you are a waste of space on this site right now.

I try and encourage a conversation, and i get someone who can't even take a reply to his comment, and someone who just goes around slating people. Fantastic.

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badz1493818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

oops, more like El 'Dirty'co! nothing good has came out of this bitter rivalry except for dirty plays and not to forget cheaters, divers and all sort of pretentious plays all around the field! people come to wacth a football match, not actors on the field!

I'm all for Bayern vs Chelsea in the final! Bayern has it harder with Real already got that away goal but Chelsea is having the upper hands over Barca!