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Man Utd world’s Richest Club

MANCHESTER UNITED have been named the world’s richest club again — and valued at a massive £1.39billion.

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PaPa-Slam3948d ago

No wonder, but i think they were the Richest all along.

krazykombatant3947d ago

nah this past season RM was the richest club. If i remember correctly.

PaPa-Slam3947d ago

Thanks, i didn't knew that.

Still learning stuff about the game. :D

shadowraiden3947d ago

Depends what you consider richest. I know what article your going by and while yes Real Madrid topped that one. Forbes is the one that Business truly look at all the others are nothing when it comes to Forbes.

Im not surprised Man United are classed as Richest club in the world, they have the biggest fan base that eclipses even real madrids. its reported that 1/3 of the world's population supports man united with most of asia being in complete support of man united(and we all know that asia is the market you want to be in at moment).

ProjectVulcan3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

This is a calculation of the club's total value in the opinion of Forbes.

Deloitte calculate the club's total yearly revenue.

Big difference. The top 2 Spanish clubs have always had more revenue because their individual TV deals are much more than what Manchester United get from the shared premer league Tv deal.

Manchester United are typically valued at more however because of their worldwide fanbase and marketability. It is usually estimated at considerably more than Madrid and Barcelona, greatly down to the huge popularity of the premier league in foreign markets.

Grap3946d ago

i am a fan of arsenal but i have to admit Man Utd have a lot of fans here

Kos-Mos3946d ago

Greatness equals money.