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Messi makes crucial error in dramatic upset

Yahoo - Lionel Messi has provided countless moments of magic this season, but on Wednesday it was one glaring and uncharacteristic error that put Barcelona’s hopes of retaining the Champions League title in jeopardy.

Messi, the finest player in soccer and rapidly making his claim as an all-time great, was left furious with himself as his rare mistake led to the only goal of Barca’s 1-0 defeat to Chelsea in the semifinal first leg.

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PaPa-Slam3823d ago

Come-on now, blaming Messi for they loss no. are we.

Corepred43822d ago

Why not? They do it to Ronaldo.

PaPa-Slam3822d ago

Well, if they do blame Ronaldo after losing a game, then they are stupid.

No '1' man wins or losses the game, it's team that wins & it's the team that losses the match.

Corepred43821d ago

That's the price they pay for being the best footballers in the world. Kinda like a QB in American football.

jony_dols3821d ago

'No 1 man wins or losses the game'

I beg to differ.

Maradona pretty much single-handledly won Napoli their only Serie A titles in '87 & '90, and he also managed to lift a UEFA & a Italian Super Cup with them.

They never managed the same level of success either before or after his departure.

Infernostew3821d ago

Well, you can't really single out Messi on the loss but you can on the goal. He gave up possession in a bad spot but the defense is also to blame for the inability of 4 defenders to stop 2 players attacking the goal.

kulka3821d ago

The whole team missed oppurtunities from busquets to sanchez and messi. Mess was marked out of the game by 3 or 4 chelsea players.

PaPa-Slam3821d ago

100% right, it's just that Chelsea were in the game to win it. They played well, didn't miss the chances and came out the winner.

alousow3818d ago

there is no way messi will win the ballon dor this year. A player have no chance of winnnig it if his team doesnt win a league tiitle or CL title i the same year.