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From diving force to driving force: Young must follow Ronaldo's example

The England man has 'won' nine penalties since the start of 2010-11, more than Ryan Giggs throughout his entire Old Trafford career, and now it is time to learn and change.

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buddymagoo3938d ago

It's funny how it has been Ashley young that has been singled out. Allvan players dive, Terry, Rooney, Drogba, Suarez, Nani, Gerrard, Van Persie, Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, the big players dive. I just think it is something we have to expect now along with the likes of intention fouling.

I'm not saying it is right, just that it needs to be policed better.

krazykombatant3938d ago

my opinion games should be reviewed if a player is caught diving a yellow card will be put on them. If they keep doing it, fine them. Just like when players surround the ref, unless its the captain yellow card the whole lot of them.

freeduck3938d ago

Messi doesn't dive.
Suarez did dive sometimes earlier in the season but in the past couple of months he has done a good job in keeping himself on his feet.

Infernostew3938d ago

Messi goes down on extremely small contact which I believe is just as bad as diving.

Kos-Mos3938d ago

What kind of drugs do you use mostly since your close to be blind? E? Heroin? Or maybe several years smoking pure mary j? Please tell me so I can stay away from that drug.

Anderson83938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

messi doesnt dive often but hes done it on a few occasions.. suarez on the other hand dives atleast twice per game

HxCGamer3937d ago

agree entirely.
it's ridiculous to make articles singling out someone, when every team has a player like this

Nes_Daze3938d ago

Messi RARELY dives, if you disagree with that you need to educate yourself a bit about Football.

guigsy3938d ago

Yeah Young can be considered a diver but as usual he's been unfairly singled out just because he's a United player. Nobody seemed to criticise Drogba whose antics were much worse (he spent over 3 minutes on the floor against Barca), especially for a player whose game is based on strength.