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Highlights: Manchester United 4 – 4 Everton (English Premier League -- 22/04/2012)

0-1 33′ Nikica Jelavic
1-1 41′ Wayne Rooney
2-1 57′ Danny Welbeck
3-1 60′ Nani
3-2 67′ Marouane Fellaini
4-2 69′ Wayne Rooney
4-3 83′ Nikica Jelavic
4-4 85′ Steven Pienaar

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buddymagoo3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

We just threw it away today. The attacking players were fantastic, defence were abysmal.

krazykombatant3817d ago

This will make the derby at the etihad very very interesting. Best of luck, just so that you don't think i'm a total @ss :P

b163o13817d ago

THANK Y0U EV3ERT0N!!!!!!!!!

I called a lose, but they got a draw which I'm not mad@. City's up 1-0 @the moment, all they have to do is score another and play strong D. This is way I watch the EPL, even if its not your team, you gotta love the way the season is ending. Derby Derby Derby.


ProjectVulcan3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Was a fantastic spectacle and match, advert for the Premier League once again.

In truth United messed up badly, but Everton must take credit from creating a bunch of really top quality goals as well. United defended poorly against some really good Everton attacks. Jelavic looked immensely dangerous from the start and Fellaini was used to shake up the central defence, it worked far too well.

It was quite mind boggling to watch. It was really United's to throw away, at 4-2 Evra crashed an attempt onto the post when it was seemingly a cast iron goal from a Rafael cross. Rafael is to be noted because for all his attacking today, his defensive ability was under scrutiny and he was shown to be some way short at the back and culpable.

With City beating Wolves, despite all the thoughts that the title had been lost and the Derby could be meaningless, we now have a massive, massive game. United will not be happy, Ferguson will be furious City have been allowed a chance to go top again.

For City it is a must win, and United just a must not lose. Deliciously balanced for Monday night. Hold onto your hats people....we may have a classic remembered for many decades coming up.

Anderson83817d ago

i dont even think the defenca had a particualrly bad game the finishing on both teams were clincal today.. and if evra had scored to put us 3 ahead it may have been diff... that said at 4-2 we should of just closed out the game.. i'm surprised fergie waited so long for subs.. if we dont win this title this would be the day we lost it

mcstorm3817d ago

I agree with you here but its still in our hands we have to not lose a week on monday and we will be fine. United always do it the hard way and this season makes it no different. Look forward to the game a week on monday wanted a derby like this for a long time.

Prophet1123816d ago

Evans and Rio were extremely poor in the air, they half arsed every challenge on Feleini in the air.
This has been happening all season and it's cost us far too many goals.
It's like Evans and Rio don't know how to jump off the ground.
Vidic has been sorely missed, his aerial defense is second to none.

Smalling should of replaced Rafael at half time to deal with the longballs and because Rafael has shown before that he doesn't have the concentration for the full 90 minutes, he just switches off for no reason.

jak3y13oy3817d ago

unbelievable, we deffo need new center backs to replace vidic!


Well not really since Vidic will be back next season and by the time him and Rio's careers come to an end, I'm confident Jones, Smalling and Evans will prove worthy replacements.

That was an amazing match though with alot of great goals but ruined by some poor defending, that's not the first time Everton have come back from 2 goals down to snatch a draw late on. I guess it really does come down to next weeks Manchester showdown. I'm confident.

Infernostew3817d ago

I thought the center backs played ok. It was Rafael who blew coverage on 3 of the 4 goal scorers. Rooney, Nani and the rest of the attacking force was fantastic though. I feel bad for De Gae since he had a good match but defense gave him no chance on any of the goals.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y3817d ago

OMG! What a match, i love how both manchester teams slipped up at crucial points in the season, its guna be an absolute blast at the derby, cant wait. I wonder if Mancini's mind game have anything to do with it?

KingPin3817d ago

united just f&&ked it up so bad for themselves.
the defense was just piss poor. were they sleeping or what? i mean at one stage we were up 4-2, you would think when it was 4-3 they would wake the F^&k up and do their job properly.

the attacking was fantastic, we have the defense to blame 100%. all of 4 of them played like ass.

defending like this against man City can only result in another 6-1 drumming and could potentially lose the league for us.

asmith23063817d ago

With defending like that and the form City are in next Monday favours City in my opinion. Everton played great and deserved the draw, the never stopped trying. Cant wait for next monday now!

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