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Top 25 Players in the Premier League This Season

BR - The Premier League season is winding to a close. If the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) can announce their shortlist for the player of the year, then we're plenty close enough to the campaign's end for me to pick mine.

So who will it be? The rampant Robin Van Persie? Wayne Rooney's always a popular choice. And what to do with Mario Balotelli? Can you really include him in a Top 25?

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PaPa-Slam3678d ago

Great list, but for be the player that stole the show & performed very well throughout the whole season was (Robin Van Persie), there are certainly many other players that did just as good as him, but if i was to choose i would go with him.

ProjectVulcan3677d ago

Van Persie's form has dropped somewhat just recently, but he has been fantastic.

Some players have got better as the season has gone on, and others faded perhaps from fatigue.

Rooney has been excellent, as has Scholes since he came back. David Silva had a dip in form, but a rest seems to have helped him.