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Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea (Champions League Semi-Final 24-04-2012)

1-0 Busquets 35'
2-0 Iniesta 43'
2-1 Ramires 45'
2-2 Torres 90'


Updated video to include Torres' goal.

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cozmo1953874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Well done Chelsea. If they go all the way and win it won't they be the first London club to win it?

Video missing Torres goal.

Grap3874d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

hahahaha so much of spain final hahahaha.
fifth in the League crush the second of LA La liga what a name they have lol

buddymagoo3874d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Premier League, best in the world! Come on Chelsea, proud to be an Englishman.

10 man English team who is 6th in the league knocks out the best team in Spain!

Hate Chelsea, love England! Well done lads doing us proud.

HxCGamer3873d ago

are you 12 mam lol every single time!!

and no thats like me saying la liga is better because athletico bilbao tore manchester united appart.

Either way, I love when torres scores, and I was rooting aganist barcelona.
Good week so far!

ProjectVulcan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Chelsea were magnificent. 10 men AWAY against Barcelona at 2-0 down to finish the game at 2-2...Nobody can do anything but give credit to Chelsea because it was in fact Barcelona's to lose when they were 2-0 up! Barcelona's defence seemed so wobbly, in the very rare instances Chelsea attacked, they really unsettled Valdes and the defence.

Messi looked tired and extremely quiet. His penalty miss was luck, but when probably the best player in the world cant score from a free shot at goal like that, i really started to wonder if this was going to be Chelsea's night.

Before this tie i thought Chelsea could win it and they have. They forced Barcelona out wide time and time again and stubbornly Barcelona just didn't try to change their attack. They kept trying to walk it in.

Sometimes as fantastic and as beautiful as they can be, you have to switch it up and not be one dimensional. I think a team with more width would have beaten Chelsea tonight. Barcelona looked out of ideas 15 minutes before the end against this brick wall and i really thought Chelsea could hang on then.

Tellingly they scored against the 11 men, but not the 10!

One of the best games i have seen in 20 years of watching the new format champions league, up there with the Juventus/United semi in 1999 and United's incredible away comeback. Maybe this is even better, with only 10 men on the field against Barcelona.

krazykombatant3873d ago

@buddy calm down buddy, this team smash you last year.

not a barca fan as you all know but I would prefer to see my team go all the way to the semis and lose and get kicked out of the GROUP STAGE! Then lose against bilbao to get KICKED from the Europa cup, and then to lose this past weekend.

Oh and Barca are no longer the "best team in spain" we got rid of that silly title over saturday.

Ranma13873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

One of the best games i ever seen.

This is like show biz and am not even a chelsea fan

RGB3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

European Final Appearances;

Since the formation of the EPL, 8 English teams have competed in the Final of the Champions League and 4 in the UEFA Cup/Europa League.

In that same time period, Spain have had 9 teams in the Champions League final and 6 in the UEFA Cup/Europa League final.
----------------------------- ------------------------------
European Final Winners;

Since the formation of the EPL, only 2 teams have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times (Liverpool and Man United twice) and UEFA Cup/Europa League only one (Liverpool).

In that same time period, 2 Spanish teams have won the Champions League 6 times (Real 3 and Barca 3) and 3 Spanish teams have won the UEFA Cup/Europa League 4 times (Sevilla twice, Valencia and Atletico Madrid).
----------------------------- ------------------------------
Spain Vs England European Finals;

Since the formation of EPL, Spanish and English teams have faced off in 6 finals between the Champions League and UEFA Cup/Europa League. Out of these 6 finals Spain have won 5 of them.
----------------------------- ------------------------------
Semi-Finals wise for the Champions League;

Since the formation of the EPL, 20 times we've seen a English team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

In that same period, 20 times we've seen a Spanish team appeared in the Semi-Finals.
----------------------------- ------------------------------
Semi-Finals wise for the UEFA Cup/Europa League;

Since the formation of the EPL 7 times we've seen a English team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

In that same period 17 times we've seen a Spanish team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

----------------------------- -------------------

English football must be better. /s lol

Edit: Will make updates tomorrow!

buddymagoo3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

They had a better team last year and we played Giggs in Centre midfield two. We had a lot of injuries.

Again a team that is 6th in the premier league will be in the final of the champions league!


Don't know what you are going on about, you lot have not been to a Champions League final in 9 years. They might not make it this year as well.

We held the real Barca team of Messi, Ronaldinho, Eto for 3 hours without conceding a goal in 2008. Scholes taught Xavi and Ineista how to play those 2 nights. We'll be there again, no doubt!

krazykombatant3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Again with the bullshit excuses buddymago "we had injuries." "The air wasn't good enough", "rooney had toothache." "sir alex ran out of gum"

RGB3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Full of excuses, never looks at the facts. Come back when you can beat Bilbao!... oh wait, you lost twice... against a team full of homegrown players! lol

I believe Madrid tanked them 4-1, another game at next week against them. Doubt they'll play well, Copa del Rey final soon!

buddymagoo3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

We'll be back next year with our captain. We were in transition this year. Every team has their down time but we'll come back stronger for it!

You talk about games that no one was interested in other than the haters. We also lost to Crystal Palace a team in a lower league than us and Wigan. So waht it happens. If you think they are better than Manchester United then you are delusional!

Spanish league is a boring two team league that no one watches, FACT! (Well we all watch the El Classico but that's it!)

jony_dols3873d ago


Italian teams have been arguably the most successful country in Europe. With 12 wins & 14 runner ups.

mafiahajeri3872d ago

Chelsea got so lucky in both legs LOL crazy luck. Dont worry though Byern will deal with them in the final...

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Play2Win3873d ago

Barca is still by far the best team in the world. The problem is that they actually try too hard to pretty much carry the ball into the goal. If they would have taken a few shots from distance yesterday they would have been the winner. Just a more simple football sometimes to confuse the enemy team.

But no doubt well done Chelsea London.

goku323593874d ago

Torres would be the one to score ;)

krazykombatant3874d ago

Man oh man what a match, Torres had me worried he looked completely out of it when he went in. I was disappointed in terry. For a man with so much experience, to be kicked out for doing such a stupid thing.

Well now all RM have to do is win and it'll be a great final.

mcstorm3873d ago

I was an amazing game from a man utd fan as well. It was one of the best games ive ever seen. When Chelsea went 2 0 down I though that's it it will end up being 5 0 but no 2 good goals by Chelsea they rode there luck all night but that's what you need. I still don't see them beating Madrid in the final but I see it being a very good one.

I have said for along time Messi would not cope in the epl and I think Ronaldo is the better player and apart from the 2nd goal he did not do anything tonight.

lugia 40003874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Very good match, but yet again lucky for chelsea, like benfica.

A shot at the bar, another shot at the post. 50% of the times chelsea shot, its a goal.

Although their strategy is very good.

ProjectVulcan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Tell that to Chelsea in 2009 when they should almost certainly have had AT LEAST 2 penalties against Barcelona in the semi final second leg at Stamford bridge and only needed to score one of them.

I would say right about now its closer to even after tonight.

Chelsea needed a little luck and they got it but you can't say they didn't deserve it. Their finishing was excellent, and they proved that its not how much you have, its what you do with it.

Corepred43874d ago

What a game by Chelsea!!! Way to go Torres!! I was cussing him out during the match cause he was playing like a wart. But way to finish it off! I was cheering Torres on so loud after he scored! Messi, choking? Mmmmm sweet Barca tears! lol

Nes_Daze3873d ago

Calm down kid, Real Madrid plays tomorrow against the great Bayern Munich,,,lol

Corepred43873d ago

Calm down? It was a great game! Sorry it wasn't in your favor but you can't win it every year! Yeah we play tomorrow and I'm just as excited for that game.