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Torres scores against Barçelona to send Gary Neville into raptures

When Gary Neville, finally, hung up his boots last year and announced he was to become a football pundit for Sky Sports, few predicted that the former Manchester United full-back would earn a place in our hearts for his honest, informative and occasionally witty commentary.

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Gary Neville is a great pundit but he should never be allowed to commentate again, there was something really disturbing listening to that orgasm.

ProjectVulcan3870d ago

Waa hilarious. Gotta explain to his wife though why he never manages that at home in the bedroom

KingPin3870d ago

LMFAO i thought i was the only one who thought that sounded like he was having an orgasm. but you right, its best to watch that goal over and over with no sound.

sealava3870d ago

loved it .
I like when the commentary puts his feelings in his commentary ...not just a robot...saying what we all know millions of times already.