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Guardiola to quit Barcelona

Pep Guardiola has told Barcelona he will leave the club at the end of the season.

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ProjectVulcan4369d ago

He didn't make the changes needed to save Barcelona in either massive game after the first leg against Chelsea.

But still his heart looks to be gone after Chelsea knocked them out. Can't say i am too surprised even though apparently the board have said he'll have a bunch of cash to spend in the summer.

danikagrace4368d ago

He said it himself, he couldn't take the pressure.

krazykombatant4369d ago

Yeah saw this in the news, to be honest its quite surprising, why leave them now when they need him the most? Who will replace him? Who can? Most importantly where will he go?

buddymagoo4369d ago

There is really only two places that he could go at the end of the season (Inter, Chelsea) unless something dramatic happens at another big club.

krazykombatant4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Wasnt there talks for AVB to take over inter?? But I guess pep surpasses avb on name alone not even counting prestige. I could see him take the Chelsea job but only of roman hands him the reigns to buy the players he wants.

Which I why I doubt a move. However, if he does get it I could see messi following pep wherever he might be.

ProjectVulcan4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

He'll take time out. That is what is most likely he'll just take a year off. He would'nt leave to walk into another job, he just thinks it is time to go he'll have maybe a year away. Thats what all the stories say too.

buddymagoo4368d ago

I know this is outlandish but I could see him at Arsenal. Other than the clubs I have mentioned maybe he wants the Spain job. It would suit him perfectly.

ProjectVulcan4368d ago

He doesn't want such a high pressure job. I guess Chelsea is one of the highest pressure in the world, more so than even Barcelona! But lets face it, Barcelona have virtually managed themselves the past 3 years with the team they have.

He knows that he will have to prove himself as his own man with his own style and tactics all over again when he takes another management job anywhere else because of that.

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Nes_Daze4369d ago

Surprised, I find it hard to believe he did it based on getting eliminated from CL. As for the league, Barca was dominating for a while, can't always be on top. He's a smart man well-spoken man, don't see why he would do this, guess he's the only person that truly knows why.

danikagrace4368d ago

It seemed when it started to get a bit difficult he threw in the towel. Not the sign of a great coach.

sealava4369d ago

not Surprised....
he said he was gona quit barsa long time ago , thats why many suspected he was coming for Chelsea.
great coach.

danikagrace4368d ago

Why would anyone want to go to Chelsea to risk being sacked and ruining their reputation?

freeduck4369d ago

A good manager can actually ride through the tough times and fix the problems at Barca. He came at Barca at a great time, lots of quality players at their peak and not to downplay his achievements but a lot of managers could've done what he did.
I think he is good enough to get Barca back on track, but he is either quitting because he wants to take a break from football or he doesn't have enough confidence to continue as manager, or as the article states he might want to take a vacancy in the premier league.

Baka-akaB4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

A lot of great coach came at great clubs with great players and crash and burned , some in less than 6 months ... so yeah imo you are downplaying it quite a lot .

sdtarm4369d ago

hes not going to any other club
and no, no other manager has ever done what he has managed and will be really damn difficult to repeat such success
and there are no problems at barca, they lost because of bad luck against chelsea and because they cant just keep winning every single game against madrid. Who would put up with the merengues crying every single game anyways?

HxCGamer4369d ago

we are not the ones that were crying to the referees after every challenge man...

Grap4368d ago

I can do what he did.

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