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Pep - I can't carry on

Guardiola bids emotional farewell to Barcelona

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buddymagoo3807d ago

The guy to replace him was the one who took a finger in the eye from Mourinho.

Corepred43806d ago

I find it hilarious how he acts surprised that he got pushed! lmao Then he has that face like: 'deal with it!' lmao

DoctorXpro3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Mourinho after the poke looks like "u mad bro?"

kerrak3806d ago

This is just one of the many unprovoked uncalled aggressions Mourinho has commited against Barcelona, just in this case it was physical instead of verbal. Not only Mourinho didn't apologize of this action, but he desdained Vilanova naming him as as "Pito" Vilanova, as he didn't know who he was. Oh, and the spanish "violence comitee" sanctioned Tito Vilanova.
This is Mourinho, Real Madrid and Spain for you.

johnsonbat3807d ago

Looking forward to Pep returning where ever it may be.

Ninjamonkey823806d ago

An amazing coach and where ever he goes next good luck to him. If he holds of long enough when SAF steps down there may be a nice place at Old Trafford for him ;).