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Highlights: Manchester City 1 - 0 Manchester United (English Premier League -- 30/04/2012)

45+1 Kompany 1-0

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Corepred43672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Queue the excuses!

Edit: @ :06, that has to be THE nerdiest looking kid I've ever seen in my life! Dorky glasses plus the curls. Geez! lmao

buddymagoo3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

No excuses we lost the title.

Playing Park was a mistake, first game back for Jones and Smalling was a mistake. We gave it City. We should have started with Valecia and Rafael down the right and played 4-4-2 with Welbeck upfront.

Corepred43672d ago

You better be the biggest Newcastle supporter this coming week then!

buddymagoo3672d ago

We don't deserve to win the title this year. Last week we dropped silly points against Everton, didn't take Wigan seriously and lost points there. Lost to Blackburn and got hammered by Newcastle.

We have had a poor year but still could be joint top an lose the title on goal difference, silly really!

b163o13672d ago

Good game to watch, loved the scuffle between Fergie and Mancini was good for the setting. City defended well, I thought United may have tied it up late, but we held strong....

Newcastle and QPR are the only teams standing in are way!

ProjectVulcan3672d ago

Lots of hype, was a poor game in the end. United lost it by starting out so negative and having so little pace in the attack with no threat. To counter attack you need pace, and it was sat on the bench with Valencia and Young.

Park hasn't started since January, since Valencia was fit. It still escapes me why all of a sudden in the biggest game of the season, he is first choice and deployed in centre midfield?

United have never really played fantastic this season, scraping by, winning ugly. City have managed to play nice football, and if they win it, they will deserve it.

But i am still surprised how close it has been. The league is the weakest it has been in a long time, United, Arsenal and Chelsea the weakest they have been in many years too. Despite this City have made it tough going, i expected them to walk it start of the season.

Man Utd should not have to rely on Newcastle, and City are expected to go there and win. If they do, they win the title.

I don't think Newcastle will take anything from the game. But you never know. A season like this, full of twists and turns...there is plenty of time left for yet another.

Prophet1123672d ago

We lost the game before it even started, I can't remember the last time we've won a game with Giggs and Park in the team this season. Can't understand why SAF didn't have enough faith in a 4-4-2 with Valencia and Nani/Young on the Wings and Rooney and Welbeck up front.

What made it worse is we played the longball 60% of the match to an Isolated Rooney and lost possession everytime.

Why is Jones trying to imitate Bebe's crosses, practically all of them were dreadful.

Can't understand why SAF keeps Giggs on for the full 90 minutes especially against a team like City.

Prophet1123672d ago

I thought Yaya Toure should of received a red card.
He got a yellow for throwing the ball in anger.

Then he got away with waving an imaginary card and pleading with the ref to book Carrick(either him or Scholes can't remember who).

He also got away with time wasting having a laugh with Balotelli with ball in hand during their through-in.

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More like queue the haters.

City were the better team tonight, like alot of games this season, we lacked the creativity in midfield again. But it's not over until its over, has there ever been a title race decided by goal difference?

asmith23063672d ago

I thought it was John Lennon!

Corepred43672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

This site has crap highlight. I don't know why people don't get their highlights from footyroom. It has 3+ minutes of highlights compared to these 50 seconds. Plus the other video shows Ferguson's jimmies being rustled, lmao.

zeddy3672d ago

no excuses here, city thoroughly deserve the win.

SephirothX213672d ago

United were poor. City dominated for a full thirty minutes in the first half when United didn't get close to City's goal. The only thing United can have comfort in is the fact that they only have to play Swansea and at home while City have to play Newcastle away.I think City will draw with Newcastle and United will win it out. I want City to win but I don't think they'll win their next two games.

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3672d ago
kulka3672d ago

Great game of football that was City deserved to win in the end. One more though game away at Newcastle if the win they will be the champions.

stockmancity3672d ago

The Eithad has been our saving grace this year! great defending won this game. Love a 1-0 win. 2 games left.

asmith23063672d ago

Utd didn't have one shot on target, that says it all really and I think Ferguson got it all wrong tonight. Rooney upfront on his own, Park(?), no Valencia, Scholes ran out of breath early in the 2nd half yet he stayed on. City completely dominated them, again. I expect City to lift the title now, they will be well up for Newcastle after that.

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