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2012 Olympic Soccer Tournament: Why It's Bad for United and the Premier League

BR - Usually it's best to take Fergie's rants well salted.

This time, though, the gruff Scot might have a point.

With the Olympic football tournament looming this summer, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is less than happy. And that's putting it diplomatically.

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PaPa-Slam3807d ago

The more the Football, the Better. I don't see any way that it's Bad.

jony_dols3805d ago

Ok, so lets get this straight; Fergie is complaining that professional players who earn anywhere upwards of 50k a week during their 2 months of Summer holidays, should not take 2 weeks out, once every 4 years, to represent their country.

I respect his managerial abilities, but he is a fucking mouthpiece that should learn to shut the f*ck up.