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Neymar is already better than Cristiano Ronaldo, says Luis Fabiano

The Brazilian believes that the 20-year-old has already surpassed the Portuguese, but must move to Europe in order to compete with Lionel Messi

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PaPa-Slam3809d ago

He is a marvelous player, no doubt about that. But comparing him to C.Ronaldo is a little bit early.

I mean C.Ronaldo has passed the test of time, while Neymar is just new, it'll be better if we start comparison when Neymar has passed a few more year with this same Form.

jony_dols3808d ago

Surprise surprise, another Brazilian saying that the relatively unproven Neymar is one of the best in the world. I honestly think that they are pissed off that the 2 best players in the world are an Argentine & an European.

At least he wasn't trolling like Pele, and saying that Neymar is better than Messi.

topgeareasy3808d ago

LOL I call bullsh*t but it's only someone's opinion.

he might be better than messi tho
/troll face

PaPa-Slam3808d ago

Stop being an Ignorant Bro, he is a marvelous player. But he is in no way better or equal to Messi.

Jonnyquest3213808d ago

Lets face it, Ronaldo and Messi are in a league of their own. Every few years there's a new flavour of the month Brazillian wonder kid who never fulfills his potential when he moves to Europe, Robinho was the one before Neymar (although Neymar is way better than him)To get anywhere near Messi and Ronaldo, Neymar has to first overtake the likes of Iniesta etc

KingPin3808d ago

i think really the only Brazilian who actually fulfilled his potential in europe was ronaldinho.
for me in his peak he equals or even surpasses the likes of messi and ronaldo.

but yeah, neymar still has a long way to go before he can realistically compete with messi or ronaldo.

goku323593808d ago

true. Ronaldinho was just such a joy to watch, a real legend.
Who knows though, maybe in a few years Neymar can succed in Europe.

Corepred43808d ago

I've actually been thinking about that and am actually excited. I'm always seeing highlights of Neymar taking a couple of players and juking and all of that. Just can't wait until he actually makes the jump to England or Spain to see if he can do that to those teams.

FlashXIII3808d ago

What about the real Ronaldo? Before his serious injuries he was out of this world and imho on par with Messi and C.Ronaldo. Just have to look at how he played in world cup 98. Despite his serious injuries he still went on and played well enough to cement his position in footballing legends.

Anderson83808d ago

not many do but your forgetting the likes of kaka, ronaldo, rivaldo, roberto carlos etc.. though these new ones never seem to be as good as the hype neymar will probs go the same way of robinho.

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PaPa-Slam3808d ago

Exactly, there are many obstacles his way for him to conquer before he can even think of being a challenge to Messi's & Ronaldo's level.

asmith23063808d ago

When are these Brazilians going to stop talking shite?

FlashXIII3808d ago

Once they have a team of players who are good enough to do the talking on the pitch.. judging by how things are looking that'll probably be a while.

freeduck3808d ago

Oh man, there's gonna be a lot of pressure on this kid

FootballZilla3808d ago

Yup, if he comes over to Europe he better perform well

PaPa-Slam3808d ago

Agreed, they are comparing him to Messi, in spite of Jealousy & that is putting tons of pressure on the new Kid 'Neymar' who has incredible talent.

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