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Highlights: Chelsea 0-2 Newcastle United (English Premier League -- 02/05/2012)

19' Cisse
90' Cisse

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freeduck3672d ago

Goal of the season by Cisse!

Man what a talent

If Newcastle don't get CL this year it's gonna be hard to keep a hold of Ba and Cisse.

GanjaMan3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

WAT A GOAL definitely goal of the season, cisse actually ment that compared to crouches goal which was a complete fluke, i hope cisses goal gets g.o.t.s and naaa i reckon they will settle for europa league tbh.

Anderson83671d ago

crouch meant his goal as much as cisse did

Fez3671d ago

Both meant it equally. But,

first time with outside of the foot >>> control then standard strike

Both great goals but you gotta give it to Cisse...incredible!

I personally think Ben Arfa's wonder goal against Bolton is goal of the season. Beating 4 men and slotting past the keeper is not something you see every day! I'm always more impressed by that cos most players can hit a great strike, or a lucky strike... but it takes something special to do that.

badz1493672d ago

simply unbelievable! would be a shame if Newcastle can't make it to the UCL next season! I can see them giving more threat than Spurs ever will!

City will definitely have a hard time against them next!

ProjectVulcan3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Just.....fantastic from Cisse. He basically won the game with two brilliant finishes.

The first was so sweet and it'll be overshadowed, but the volley was superb he didn't hesitate, flick, bang. No chance Cech.

The second of course is a goal of the season contender, he hit it one touch and if you look, Cech was a couple yards INSIDE his 6 yard box as it was hit but still couldn't stop it, thats how much it dipped and how perfect it was.

To think that Newcastle sold Carroll and bought Ba and Cisse, best decision ever made for the club.

Pardew has been rewarded for building an attacking flowing side on a solid base, It would be a shame if they do not make Champions League qualification.

If they don't, Newcastle should fight tooth and nail to keep the players they have and not sell. They can be a major force again, if they can make a few additions here and there.

I suppose the question is, have Manchester City got a tough game, a final test to pass before they can be confirmed as champions this season?

Newcastle will ask the questions required to validate City's pedigree. Cannot wait to see that game on Sunday.

The_Devil_Hunter3672d ago

That was an awful game for Chelsea. bertrand needs to go away.

Kaneda3672d ago

OMG! Goal #2 is incredible!!

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The story is too old to be commented.