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Podolski: I joined Arsenal to win titles

The German is convinced that he has made the right choice in signing for the Gunners, and says that the prospect of joining another German club from Koln was out of the question

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freeduck3806d ago

Or he joined to escape the sinking Koln..

Really surprised no other top club wanted his signature for some reason.

ngecenk3805d ago

i heard lots of rumor for this guy. koln is sinking because the management is stupid. they got podolski but refuse to grab a few other good player to support him

PaPa-Slam3806d ago

I guess, he'll have to wait for now.

Tommykrem3805d ago

Köln must be the dumbest club in Germany. They've fired 15 managers in 10 years, and fired Solbakken after spending a rather fair sum to secure his contract. The fans are apparently outraged after ending up in the same spot they've ended up each year. Apart from Podolski, Köln is an awful team and if they want to make it one would at least think they'd give a manager some time to build up some stability. But no.

badz1493805d ago

and he chose Arsenal? doesn't he know how many years has Arsenal went without a single trophy?

jony_dols3804d ago

Man City hadn't won a trophy in 35 years before last years FA Cup. And look at them now.

Arsenal have a lot of quality in their squad, they just need to splash the cash on 1 or 2 experienced players who know how to 'win ugly' (like Podalski), and they have the potential to be a trophy winning side.

Gamer19823804d ago

With Ctiy looking like they will be dominating for a few years now Podolski will have retired before Arsenal will get the chance to challenge again. Can only see United and maybe Chelsea (if Roman pumps money into the club again which I doubt) challenging City now. City will get stronger in the window. Which is scary as if you look they are 17 points clear of Arsenal right now and it still could be more.

jony_dols3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Well with a squad that has included the likes of Tevez, Silva, Kompany, de Jong, Joe Hart, Yaya & Kolo Toure & investments running into the hundreds of millions for the past few seasons; they only managed a last season managed a 3rd place finish in the league last year, 3 points ahead of Arsenal.

And yet Arsenal; after losing the likes of Fabergas, Nasri & Clichy last summer, are in line to finish 3rd this season. After not only beating Man City a few weeks ago, but also progressing further in the Champions League than either of the Manchester Massives. If Man City have looked like 'dominating', then Arsenal aren't looking half bad.

And Podolski who is only 26, and has scored 18 goals in 28 appearances, (for a club who are getting relegated), not to mention he has an impressive tally 43 goals in 95 appearances for Germany. He is going to be serious threat to opposition defences alongside RVP next season. If Arsenal had a hard as nails midfielder like City's Kompany in the center, then they would be a serious league contender.

asmith23063804d ago

If it wasn't for Arsenal's abysmal start to the season (largely because of injuries) they could have been fighting for the title this season. NO ONE expected them to finish what is looking like in 3rd place after the start they had. They just need good cover and a bit more ugliness to grind it out a bit more.

chukamachine3805d ago

That's the point, arsenal play some of the best football and haven't won the titles they should have. Should have won the league before fab/nasri left.

Arsenal team needs more strikers, decent ones.

Chamkh is awful.
rosicky is decent play maker but does not score much.
van persie stats tell the story.- awesome.

With abit more fire power upfront, arsenal will be up there for the title next season.

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