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Chelsea – Liverpool FA Cup Preview

Wembley Stadium — London
Match :Chelsea FC – Liverpool FC,FA Cup

FA Cup is a major holiday of English football. The match is playing on their cult Wembley Stadium. Liverpool had already won the European Cup this season, but compared with the FA Cup, League Cup is irrelevant.

Since the match will be played at the legendary Wembley, “Blues” from London may have a slight advantage because they play in their city, but, the stadium will have the identical number of fans of both teams, then this should not mean anything special.

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ProjectVulcan3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I always felt this game was Chelsea's to lose, even after midweek against red hot Newcastle. Chelsea rested a lot of their players, and were really only sunk by wonder goals.

Beyond this their form against quality opposition has been very good, their counter attacking is great and they have created and scored a lot more goals than Liverpool have this season.

Sure enough Liverpool have beaten Chelsea recently, but that was under AVB. They are clearly a different side now.

Its just the goals, I can see Liverpool struggling to break Chelsea down and score more than one goal, but i can easily see Chelsea's full strength attack scoring plenty.

silvacrest3664d ago

i pretty much agree with everything you said but want to add that if suarez isn't playing well or at all i cant see them scoring at all other then a long shot from gerrad

KingsCross3664d ago

This one I guess Liverpool will take home. Not that I think they deserve it, neither that I hope they will do. Just a bad feeling. After all Liverpool has close to nothing left. Even mr. Liverpool himself is failing... So. To keep up a minimum of self respect after this season, they really should pray for winning:)

sokrates3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Pray for Pest or Colera?