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Kagawa set for United switch

Shinji Kagawa looks set for a move to Manchester United this summer, but will not make a decision until the end of the season...

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jak3y13oy3799d ago

I can't wait to see the Black and Yellow Samurai become the Devils Samurai! :D

He is a class midfielder who creates chances for himself and the team!

This is great news!

Anderson83798d ago

he's got talent we should make him a better player.. and he should slot in nicely

PaPa-Slam3798d ago

Agreed, he certainly has the talent, lets see how things work out.

Mozilla893799d ago

So he's set for a switch even after he said he hasn't decided where he's going to go yet?

Blackdeath_6633799d ago

he is basicaly saying he is going to move but won't confirm it untill the end of the season, not sure whats so hard to understand :/
kagawa is a great player would love to see him in English football, its a shame he is going to a team i don't support though.

Mozilla893799d ago

What I meant is that the article says he's going to move to Man U but he himself said he wont't decide until the end of the season.

jak3y13oy3799d ago

He has confirmed that he will be moving to Man United,

Nightfallen3799d ago

Good that he's leaving. BVB don't need him anymore, Reus will take his place gladly.

PaPa-Slam3798d ago

Don't be bitter man, he's a good player, any team would love to have him.

Ninjamonkey823799d ago

Like the looks of this lad may save us paying hand over fist aswell for someone that wont fit the bill in the midfield. Looks a good player tbh.

Gamer19823798d ago

Wow city practically confirm Hazard and United confirm Kagawa. The difference in talent is huge. You realise why United chose the Asian player right? The same reason Park plays so many games. United makes a ton of cash from Asia and if they didn't play an Asian player in there team they wouldn't get that income. So they are forced to buy the top Asian players as they become available. This IMO is what holds United back and what will cost them titles in the future. There owners care about income and not titles.

jak3y13oy3798d ago

or he's a really good player and United need a decent midfielder...

Kos-Mos3798d ago

You`re full of rubbish mr.rubbish.

b163o13798d ago

IDK about that, but it is funny seeing United scramble to find an answer to City, supporting Newcastle, and now they'll be the Biggest QPR fans, and that my friend is hilarious...

"Hey Margaret, Fist Pump" -RS

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