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Highlights: Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea (FA Cup Final 05/05/12)

0-1 Ramires 11′
0-2 Didier Drogba 52′
1-2 Andy Carroll 64′

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wantedboys3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

chelsea deserve it

ProjectVulcan3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

60 minutes of the play versus 30 for Liverpool. They probably did.

Liverpool had no real threat until Carroll came on, he was their best player in fairness but he didn't start.

I can't say I was surprised by the result, in the preview article here i had this firmly down as a Chelsea win because of their counter attack and ability to score more goals.

If only Liverpool had actually turned up at the start, it could have been very different, but Chelsea had done just enough to put it beyond them before the run of play changed.

Liverpool will just look to at least secure 8th now, but their minds will surely wander to next season.

For me Chelsea have missed out on 4th (but are guaranteed 6th), and once that is all but confirmed tomorrow with a Spurs or Newcastle victory, they will put eyes on the ultimate prize...

Mozilla893856d ago

Wow, we were really hanging in there for the last 30 mins. One trophy down, one more to go!

At least there were some positives for Liverpool, Andy Carroll looks like he's coming back into form.

mafiahajeri3855d ago

Benefica and Napoli AND barca were all stupid lucky games for chelsea. Chelseas luck isnt going to hold up ill remind you dont worry...

silvacrest3856d ago

liverpool only showed up 60 minutes later, carrol made a real difference but it wasn't enough

chelsea did deserve it, they played better for the majority of the match

im not sure fourth place is gone yet spurs and newcastle could slip up like they have before, afterall arsenal did today

one done, one to go :)

ProjectVulcan3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

4th is surely gone, Arsenal only need another point to be certain. BOTH Newcastle and Spurs have to lose one game and only draw the other. If EITHER gets a win from their last 2 games, that puts them beyond Chelsea. You are relying then on not one team to slip up, but 2 of the 3 above Chelsea messing up badly.

Chelsea also have to play Liverpool at Anfield in a few days, with revenge on their minds.

It'll take a miracle combination of highly unlikely events to conspire to let Chelsea back into 4th spot.

Their best hope will simply be to beat Bayern in two weeks.

silvacrest3856d ago

im banking on chelsea winning the champions league so finishing fourth wont matter but just in case that doesn't happen we need to look at other options even if there highly unlikely

this whole season has been crazy and full of surprises, maybe one more is coming....

mafiahajeri3856d ago

Chelsea win the CL? hahahahahahaha funny...

Mozilla893855d ago

That's what everyone said about us beating Napoli, and Barcelona

hahahahahahahaha funny!

silvacrest3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

dont forget benfica, we were written off every step of the way and proved the haters wrong each time

MaximusPrime3856d ago

I was there. Saw the goals. Well done to Chelsea!

What an amazing experience

PaPa-Slam3856d ago

Congratulations Chelsea on a Trophy well won.

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