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Chelsea vs. Liverpool: Controversial Ending Proves Need for Goal-Line Technology

BR - Andy Carroll thought he had tied the score late in the second half for Liverpool when his header appeared to beat Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. But, the assistant referee determined it was not a goal, and the Blues held on for a 2-1 FA Cup final victory.

The Carroll no-goal was further proof that football needs to implement goal line technology in all competitions.

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MaximusPrime3672d ago

Most news reports agreed with referee and linesman decision. Replay confirm that the ball did not fully cross the line.

But goal line technology is important and must be installed next season.

PaPa-Slam3670d ago


I myself used to be again the Goal Line Tech, but as the days & matches go by, i feel more & more need for the Tech to be used.

XboxInnovation3671d ago

Their reasoning for going against goal line technology is it rids of a lot of controversy which would make football less interesting because it would rid of a lot of talking points after the game and for days after.

To be honest that is an insecure reason. If you believe football is a great sport, the game itself will be more than enough to keep people talking about the game.