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Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 Swansea City (English Premier League -- 06/05/2012)

1-0 28′ Paul Scholes
2-0 41′ Ashley Young

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buddymagoo3923d ago

Played well today considering the earlier result. I thought we might not be up for it but we came out fighting.

AcceptedWalnut3923d ago

Rooney finally got booked too, how its taken 37 games is beyond me. Thats Foy not getting a Utd game for about 2 yrs now lol

KingPin3922d ago

its 28 league games to be exact.

but if you wanna talk about not getting booked, what have you got to say about Gary Lineker's record?

would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.

AcceptedWalnut3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I was talking about him not being booked in the league which is why i said 37 games. Do you not think it looks a little strange that Rooney had not been booked all season considering some of the fouls he's given away? Almost like he's had some sort of protection from refs this season.

Wouldn't look good on the FA's appeal for overturning Rooneys euro ban if he got booked as often as he should would it? Just strikes me as a little odd is all i'm saying.

As for Linekar, an incredible feat over a 16yr career but back then bookings werent given for silly things like celebrations and what you'd call a rash bookable challenge today would probably be praised back then.

Gamer19823920d ago

The FA love Rooney we all saw that when they personally got his booking in Europe overturned. He should have missed the first couple of games for the Euros and now he won't thanks to the FA. They have always give him special treatment as they somehow see him as they man who will bring England silverware yet in an England shirt he turns to crap.