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Ibrahimovic's eight-year winning streak comes to an end after Juventus Scudetto success

The Swedish frontman had chalked up an incredible run of eight successive domestic championships, but the Bianconeri's title win has ended his magnificent record

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doncorleone3660d ago

Fantastic record, but can't say the same in the champions league.

hobokiller3660d ago

What is that even supposed to mean? 8 year Champions League winning streak? LOL
OT: Ah well, we'll get 'em next year.

NewMonday3659d ago

national league, with Juventus(he included the revoked titles, inter, Barca and Milan

doncorleone3659d ago

Calm down lol I've never said he had to win 8 champions league in a row, I just wanted to point out that Ibra is fantastic in domestic league but he ofteh fails to deliver in champions league. What's funny is that the year he left Inter, Inter won the CL.The next year, he left barcelona and and barcelona won the CL.

Sahil3660d ago

It had to end sometime..

doncorleone3659d ago

Yup... it reminds me of Mourinho's 8 year unbeaten run at home in domestic league.