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Highlights: Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea (English Premier League - 8/05/12)

19' Essien (OG)
25' Henderson
28' Agger
50' Ramires
61' Shelvey

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PaPa-Slam3663d ago

This is such an unexpected result, i honetly believed Chelsea were strong enough to outdo Liverpool.

But hats off to Liverpool for not just winnings the game, but winning it in style.

doncorleone3663d ago

They outdoned them saturday when it mattered the most.

Jihaad_cpt3662d ago

but we are not talking about Saturday are we. So get on topic.

Gamer19823662d ago

Look at the teams compared to weekend. The Chelsea team had 8 changes. It does prove that Chelsea backup cannot cut it in the premier league though against a mid table side ( as thats what Liverpool are this season lets not deny it, though I expect them to get stronger in summer). Showing a real lack of depth for Chelsea. It's worrying as it means Chelsea not only have to replace nearly there entire first team they may have to replace there backup too.

NewMonday3662d ago

"..a mid table side as thats what Liverpool are this season lets not deny it.."

that more of a complement actually

Golden_Dive3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


Queen Qenny Should leave something that cant be fixed

buddymagoo3663d ago

Will Downing ever score? Liverpool were handed the victory tonight by three silly Chelsea mistakes.

NewMonday3663d ago

Chelsea looked drunk

at least the home fans closed the season on a high note.

RedDevils3663d ago

he hasn't yet assist let alone score lol

silvacrest3663d ago

I guess Liverpool got their revenge for the fa cup, and chelseas b team need to be strengthend, but those silly mistakes are just bizare

Sahil3662d ago

Ivanovic, Terry, Torres, Ramires, Essien, Malouda, Sturridge..

If you say these 7 players make a B-Team.

What's your A-TEAM then?

freeduck3663d ago

5 penalties missed this season.. man we need to buy someone who can put these in.

chelsea's defense made some mistakes yeah but we could've scored a lot more so I don't believe this result was a "gift" from Chelsea. young Jonjo showed how much class he has.

Carroll made a big difference tonight no surprise he tortured Terry and Ivanovic in the cup final as well. he definitely has improved in the last couple of months and for that reason he should stay. however we should look for a really clinical striker now that we are in the Europa League and playing more games.

Maxi hinted tonight that he is leaving, Kuyt, Aurelio is leaving as well so we will need replacements. Carra will likely be playing in Europa next season so we need another CB.

silvacrest3663d ago

chelseea were piss poor but those gifts gave you the win, there is no denying that

as for what you could have scored....the same goes for chelsea, as poor as we were we still hit the post twice

carroll did not torture anyone, he had a few good games while terry and co have had something like 13 extra matches this season

freeduck3663d ago

We hit the crossbar as well, twice. so much for your argument. we nearly hit the crossbar the most out of any PL team

Apparently you did not watch the same game I did because Suarez and Carroll were giving all 4 of your defenders a lot of trouble. Carroll's workrate and effort was sublime next season I hope he will score many goals because he's finally cemented his place into the squad. His first touch and dribbling is far better now than it was at the start of the season. Suarez plays so much better with Carroll next to him.

Golden_Dive3662d ago

@duck- You got fucked at Fa cup final and your delighted you beat a chelsea b team average?
King kenny is going to buy some useless pair of players again , than make excuses

-- Chelsea is higher than your Liverpool - Though the 4 spot is over for them , Now they must win the UCL or they loose everything

Jihaad_cpt3662d ago

Bayern Munich is going to educate Chelsea come the Champions League Final. It was hardly a B team just slightly weaker.

silvacrest3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

i took your argument as you didnt need those gifts to win because you had chances anyway

my counter is that you clearly did because your other chances did not result in a goal, besides, chelsea had chances too

your counter had chances too....i thought you established that already?

our defenders having trouble against your strikers does not equal torture, like i said, we have played some 13 games more then you

@Jihaad_cpt, it was a B team, no drogba, mata, cech, lampard etc di matteo made 8 changes, what does that tell you???

also, bayern will fall like the rest

Mozilla893662d ago

Wow, that fourth goal was a total gift. Anyways looks like we completely fell apart. It was very unlikely we were going to finish fourth anyways.

Liverpool always seem to show up for the big makes me wonder what they're doing during the regular ones to not be challenging for a CL place.

silvacrest3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

3 of their goals were total gifts, nevermind the forth goal

i want to give liverpool props but the way we conceded goals was just crazy

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