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'I'm here for the long term' - Kean pledges future to Blackburn

After seeing his side relegated to the Championship on Monday, the 44-year-old believes he is the right man to get the Lancashire club back into the Premier League

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no_more_heroes4038d ago

Not what Blackburn fans want to hear, I'd imagine.

Gamer19824038d ago

He's not the problem though the owners are. The fans need to realise that.

theEx1Le4038d ago

Limited funds made available to him after so many promises. Definetly not the managers fault.

PaPa-Slam4037d ago

Lol, agreed.

But while i agree with you, it is not entirely his fault, the Owner are just as much of a Problem as he is.

no_more_heroes4037d ago


True, but when I look at the team that they have, sure they're not world beaters but they're definitely not bad enough to get relegated. This was his first time as senior boss and I just don't think he was ready for such a big job yet.