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10 Rule Changes That Would Make Football Better

BR - It seems that these days, no more than a handful of games pass by without a major controversy affecting the final result of a match.

Sometimes there's nothing that can be done about these incidents. For example, there's little that can done about a debatable red card decision.

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PaPa-Slam3918d ago

See, no wonder (Goal Line Tech) is ono #1, they seriously need to bring it ASAP.

But i just left an angry comment on the news of it being delayed.

Fez3917d ago

Red cards for diving. Divers unfairly get other players sent off all the time. The game is rife with cheating now. Players get into the box and now think, "when can I go down". Commentators and pundits now say "you have to go down if you get the chance", no doubt managers and coaches will encourage their players to cheat. Send the bastards off for diving and see the game improve in a matter of weeks, and the referees job suddenly becomes more manageable.

Anderson83917d ago

that would be a terrible idea unless it was done post game

Fez3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Why? Diving is probably the biggest problem in the game right now. Worse than disallowed goals which they realise needs to be fixed.

Players can get sent off by the opposition overreacting (clutching you're head when you're shin is kicked for example - happens every other week), or simply diving (happens in every match). So why should the same punishment not be handed back if you are deemed to be diving?
Plus, a bad challenge is often just a mistimed challenge (non-malicious) whereas going down too easily/diving is blatant cheating which for some reason has been accepted into the modern game by players, coaches, fans and pundits.

Also, if diving was cracked down on, it would make the referees future decisions with bad tackles/dives easier because players will be doing their best to stay on their feet lest they be punished for diving. So when players go down, it would be more likely that they've actually been fouled rather than just going down to gain an unfair advantage.

Maybe this is quite an extreme view, and maybe just more yellows should be dished out (reds post match if necessary), but I get sick of the way some players go down far too easily, and the classic barrel roll while looking at the ref is sickening.

The only argument against this would seem to be that it would be difficult for the refs to determine when a dive has taken place. But refs have to make tough decisions all the time. Basic guidelines could be given, like if a player while falling in the air is giving the ref direct and sustained eye contact - RED CARD! lol
Seriously though, it wouldn't be impossible for refs to make those tough decisions and would ultimately make their jobs easier after about a month of tough decisions.

Anderson83915d ago

because what happens when refs start getting the call wrong.. they already get them wrong now with booking them for diving so red cards arent the soloution. if the get a 1game ban post game when vid evidence is used than it would be much easier than doing it live.

it is a problem but not nearly as big as goal line tech

Fez3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I would say it's much worse than goal line tech. Just think off the top of your head in recent seasons how many times a goal has been disallowed when it crossed the line. Now think of how many times a player has dived... 99% of goals are clear cut, no contest, hit the back of the net. Diving is epidemic in the game.

Like I said, refs have to make tough decisions all the time. That doesn't mean we don't have rules and punish people for breaking them.

They do get decisions wrong, like when Ashley Young dived and got that QPR player sent off. Should we not send people off for professional fouls because sometimes the ref gets it wrong? The punishment for a professional foul in this situation is a red card, which is fair enough, so why should the punishment for a dive in the same situation not be a red?

A dive in my opinion is far worse because it is a deliberate attempt to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition. Whereas, players don't try and commit professional fouls due to the consequences of a red card. The punishment means players don't do prevents unfair football.

If a red was the punishment for dives like that players would stop trying to dive and would stay on their feet a lot more. This in turn would make the referees job easier, not harder and they would get less crucial decisions wrong.

A professional dive should have equal punishment to a professional foul, there is no difference between the two. Dives in other areas of the pitch should possibly be yellows (although it still disgusts me and I wish they could be sent off for cheating).

There has to be a midway point between the 70s where you could push goalies into the net to get a goal and now, when you can fall off and get someone sent off.