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Mourinho: Higuain is Real Madrid's unless someone wants to pay £120m

The Portuguese coach has revealed he is not looking to sell his one of his star attackers and also reviewed Los Blancos' campaign ahead of their final fixture in La Liga

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Corepred43911d ago

Awesome. Higuain is one of my favorite strikers!

krazykombatant3911d ago

wohooo... now lets sell khedira!

Corepred43910d ago

Lol. Come on man. I told you he shows up sometimes! Like the goal against Barca! Unless we find a solid replacement I don't see us going with anyone else.

krazykombatant3910d ago

I don't see why we need him. kaka can play on the field and when we have a healthy sahin, we should be just fine. yeah the goal against barca was great and all, but still. I prefer to have a player be a bit more consistent than khedira.

Corepred43910d ago

Isn't Khedira a defensive mid though? Kaka wouldn't be playing that spot. I like Khedira there because to be honest he isn't that bad and his height helps on corners. I haven't seen enough of Sahin to judge him.