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Highlights: Manchester City 3-2 QPR (English Premier League - 13/05/2012)

(1-0)Pablo Zabaleta 39'

(1-1)Djibril Cissé 48'

(1-2)Jamie Mackie 66'

(2-2)Edin Dzeko 90'

(3-2) Sergio Aguero 90+4'


Better Highlight Video (thanks to Corepred4) ;)

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MaximusPrime4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Aguero - £38M. Tevez - £30M. Nasri - £23M. The look on Fergie's face when City score 2 in the last two minutes... Priceless.

buddymagoo4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Well done City but we'll be back next season to take it back!

City won the league against average opponents this year and no one can dispute that Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd haven't been at their best this season.

We didn't lose the title today we lost it against Everton. We did well considering we lost our captain all season and Scholes for half of it. We ended up equal on points with a "poor" United team against a "great" City team nothing to be ashamed of.

United Never Die!

RGB4157d ago

"We did well considering we lost our captain all season and Scholes for half of it."

First part is getting boring now and the second is frivolous! You don't lose Scholes for half of it, you only had him for half of it because he was retired!

b163o14157d ago

I agree about the Everton game, and "Great" City team........but nothing more

Ben Dover4157d ago

More QQ and excuses Buddymagoo.. that's all you do with each and every lose. You are one of the most disgraceful trolls on this site and constantly bring up how United did well despite blablablablablablablablablabla . And a few posts down you start attacking a Liverpool fan who didn't claim anything towards you in his post.

Grow up please. And congratulations to City for an amazing win and season!

buddymagoo4157d ago

What else would you have me say? I don't suck a***, I state my opinion. City won the title not on points but goal difference, well done but nothing to be proud of when other teams have been below par this season.

If you can't handle what I say just click the ignore button.

doncorleone4157d ago

Man united squad this year is the weakiest in recent years, but that can't take nothing out of City's remarkable season.(most goals scored and least allowed, as weel as delivering on the big games like that 6-1 trashing)

ProjectVulcan4157d ago

City won, congratulations to them. United will naturally not forget however the difficult season they have had with injuries, and the margin involved. We are talking about the closest ever Premier League Championship race, effectively won by the last kick of the game in City's final game of a 10 month season to take the title on goal difference alone.

United scored the most points for any team to finish 2nd, it really was so immensely tight. City probably played better over the season, United never seemed to quite discover the play they enjoyed right at the start of term even on the superb winter run they went on.

Next season will determine more if City can actually dominate. United just need a few tweaks IMO to take the fight right back and win another.

But looking at the table the biggest thing is the gap between Manchester, and the rest. Its massive.

City and United will just polish their sides with a couple players, the rest need fairly heavy duty changes to make up that big gap.

The standards seemed to be fairly low to me this season, so i hope that they will raise up and we have an exciting summer of transfers.

Already i can't wait to see what happens!

Ben Dover4157d ago

"well done but nothing to be proud of when other teams have been below par this season." City has nothing to be proud of, even though they won the Premier League. But if it was United winning you would be cheering on the first row. City has all the reason to be proud of this title, your arrogance is simply blinding you.

badz1494157d ago

it was like QPR already threw their towels knowing that they are safe! the spirits were different compared to when Bolton was leading! damn but what a season and what a finale!

Manchester teams dominated the season but both were eliminated at group stage of UCL and later humiliated in the UEFA Cup! other teams seem like they don't have the answer for the 2 and next year's UCL is not looking too good for the English sides!

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RGB4157d ago

Do you have a video showing Fergie's face and the team on the field? Can't find anything and want to see these priceless images!

freeduck4157d ago er_embedded&v=VQ7k2Otl_vk right here

PaPa-Slam4157d ago

Agreed, an all around wonderful performance from players on the both teams. but in the end the better team won.

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CYBERSNAKE4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Of all the ways to lose it... gutted.
I don't think there was a more thrilling finale to a title race ever. La liga better than Premier League my ass.

Btw I know it's easy to claim City bought the title but it takes real spirit to score 2 goals in injury time to snatch the win like that, so what I'm saying is... congrats.

4157d ago
mcstorm4156d ago

CYBERSNAKE I agree with you. Im a red and even though we lost the league on goal difference and in the last kick of the season I still hold my head up high as a United fan. This has been one of the weekest squads in SAF time at united and we have missed some of our big names because of Illness and injuries but the young guys that have come in have done a very good job. Smalling, Jones, de gea, Young, Wellbeck, Cleverley, are all young players and new to the 1st team and I think this loss and the way we lost it will make them want the league even more next season.

City do have the best squad in the league followed by Chelsea but looking at the names we have there along with some of the players like Rooney, Nani, Valencia, Reo, Vidic ect we can see SAF is building another squad and with a few players being moved in this summer and some new guys in we will be able to be up for the fight again next year.

b163o14157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )


Funniest part, easly when they switched to United celebrating, the faces were priceless.



zico4157d ago

congrats. Still can`t believe this is true!!!

mafiahajeri4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

WOW!!! Is all I can say! O_O" The best finish of any league in years!! Man U players faces were priceless when they were waiting on the field. Must suck to be a Man U fan now LOOOL

GG Man City you guys deserve it...

freeduck4157d ago

Amazing turnaround by City!!!
Congrats to them, they really deserved it this season.

PaPa-Slam4157d ago

Agreed, they really bounced back and took the title home with them.

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