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Manchester City Title Victory Sends GOAL.COM Parking

Few minutes after EPL was decided in Etihad, experienced server downtime.

This means that nearly one million people tried to access the GOAL.COM webpage at the same time, thus sending a request that their server could not handle.

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Gamer19823655d ago

how is this football news though a site going down? And how did it get approved?

proudly_X3655d ago

MayBE you should troll elsewhere! :D

buddymagoo3655d ago

lol, he is right though. This is not news.

proudly_X3655d ago

@Buddymagoo, if it wasn't news it would be no where near the degrees it got, I remember when Google went down for some couple of minutes because of Micheal Jackson death, BBC and other top news agencies reported that.. So how is that news eh!? is one the biggest football sites, if it goes down because of City's victory, it is sure news except maybe bcause you are a united fan... PHEW!!!