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'We're proud to qualify for Champions League' - Arsene Wenger


on the defence...
Szczesny has played injured in the last five weeks with a shoulder problem. He gets injected on the day of a game and plays, you cannot maintain your level like that forever. We just decided to do it because there was not long to go. If it was in the middle of the season we would have rested him.

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no_more_heroes3658d ago

No coincidence that his performances over that same time period were a bit iffy at times. What's even more telling is that he'd prefer a patched up Szczesny to a fit Fabianski. I thank Christ we still finished 3rd, even if we did it by rolling our limbless body over the line. I hope we get the right prosthetics this summer.

Shadow Flare3658d ago

On the most important match of the season, I'm glad he used a patched up szcezney over fabianski. West brom already had fabianski's brother on the pitch, we didn't need the whole family there