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Man United jump the gun as picture shows a Premier League champions ceremony was being set up

They had beaten Sunderland 1-0 and City were losing 2-1 at the Etihad, with their game entering stoppage time.

Even City midfielder Gareth Barry thought a helicopter flying over the Eastlands Stadium was swiftly taking the real Premier League trophy up to wearside, despite five minute's stoppage-time being held up by the fourth official.

In fact, so close to full time was it at City, that boards heralding United as champions were being readied for a presentation ceremony at the Stadium of Light.

However, 140 miles away, as the clock struck 4.52pm, something incredible happened.

First, Edin Dzeko headed home to level the score at 2-2 against QPR. The boards and fireworks in Sunderland, meanwhile, were still being set up. United, as things stood, were still champions.

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Corepred43656d ago

What everyone should really be talking about is all the money that needs to be returned and all the merchandise that went to waste on all those champ20ns shirts that united website had for a sale a couple months back! They jinxed it!

guigsy3656d ago

They can just save them for next season...

Infernostew3656d ago

It probably gets donated to third world countries just like NFL merch does for the loser of the superbowl.

Infernostew3656d ago

Gotta be prepared just in case. Liverpool had a bus that said Champion's League winners when they were beaten by Milan. Not really news.

PaPa-Slam3656d ago

Damn, that is just embarrassing, but i like they they have so much confident in themselves. it can only do you good.

Learn from the mistakes while moving forward 'Untied'.

mushroomwig3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

'but i like they they have so much confident in themselves.'

Not to rain on your parade or anything but what else were they supposed to do? Just wait until the final whistle and then somehow prepare a banner in a few minutes? It has nothing to do with having 'so much confident', it's called being prepared, learn the difference.

PaPa-Slam3656d ago

Seems like you took it personally, i just shared what was on my mind.

XboxInnovation3656d ago

Just recycle it by changing it to 2012-13

KingPin3656d ago

not surprised.

same news would be if city lost the title saying they had a banner ready.

must be a slow news day to be reporting this.

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