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Nasri mocks Arsenal for finishing third

French midfielder took the full wrath of Gunners fans after acrimoniously leaving the Emirates Stadium but now feels vindicated after his new side became English champions

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Yi-Long3692d ago

...but after a year of heavy abuse from the Arsenal fans about his departure to Man City, it's not strange that he has a few words for those who have been insulting him for so long.

Fans have to understand that players are sometimes just like people, so they might make decisions on what they think is best for them, not just financially but also when it comes to sportive ambitions.

Nasri felt Man City has a higher chance to win trophies than Arsenal and has shown more ambition in achieving it, by spending a fortune on buying top-quality players. Arsenal has the same ambition but has felt it needs to bring up young talent instead of spending big bucks, which is admirable, but so far hasn't won them much trophies the last few years.

So many Arsenal fans are upset about their club not investing each and every year, yet when a player leaves the club for that exact reason, he's branded a money-hungry traitor!?

Gamer19823686d ago

Thats it he's not mocking arsenal anyway the titles really off. He is just saying hes proved his point by moving to city. He took a LOT of stick when he moved and all year round from gunners fans. Theres nothing wrong with coming out and saying hey look! I was right!

badz1493692d ago

and now Nasri mocking the whole Arsenal, looks like there's no need for class when you have the money eh?

silvacrest3687d ago

im glad torres isn't doing something similar with liverpool although apparently he has other things on his mind

krazykombatant3693d ago

lol what an @sshole, to think that if Nasri and fabregas hadn't left they would have definitely been competing for the top two. ohh well..

I'm former teammates will have something to say come next season.

Gamer19823686d ago

Dreamland! They were both there last season and they came 4th! So don't talk crap. They only came 3rd this season as Spurs fell foul at the second half of the season and Chelsea.. Well lets not go there shall we?

krazykombatant3686d ago

you're going to talk about positioning and being lucky, when you won your title in the ridiculous 5+ minutes extra time... pfffft.

I'm sure arsenal will be more competitive come next year..

Corepred43692d ago

Screw 'staying classy'. He played for them and made the right choice by leaving. Now instead of celebrating just getting into the champions league, he is part of one of the greatest days in football history and winning the league title!

chukamachine3692d ago

Grammar is wrong, france international.

Should be french.

3rd place for money spent is actually pretty good.

It's takes ka-jillions for city's and utd's to win titles.

Arsenal have been close many times.

And no NASRI - You played a very small part in that title win, most of the time your lazy at city, you were better at arsenal. Thing is. Wenger would not pay the wages your on now. EVER.

Trouble with footballers, big heads. And whores as GF'S. WAGS.

But hey. Stay classy.

Corepred43692d ago

3rd is crap nobody wants 3rd let alone 2nd. Arsenal coming close doesn't matter. I think Nasri played a solid role for man city. whores as GF's... what's wrong with that?

Gamer19823686d ago

Nobody wants 3rd? Arsenal seem to think its as good as the title these days!

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