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Liverpool FC: 5 Options to Replace Kenny Dalglish at Anfield

BR - Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has been relieved of his duties at the club, and the search for a new manager has begun.

John W. Henry and Tom Werner will be looking for a manager that can deliver instant success. Dalglish wasn't given much time, and the next man won't either.

Speculation over who will be the next in charge will be rife with options for possible replacements.

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PaPa-Slam4035d ago

Good list, but i think they should either go with Benitez or Mourinho.

ProjectVulcan4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Pipe dream if you think Mourinho would have a shred of interest for Liverpool.

Kenny has already blown most of the transfer budget for the next couple years so you need someone to slowly reshape the club over an extended period because the money to completely overhaul it has already been spent. Talk of 30m or so for a new manager this summer.

Martinez is an interesting name on that list but it wouldn't hurt to talk to Martin O Neill or Pardew either...

Martinez seems like a decent guy but his lack of experience and fairly low profile kind of shows how limited the choices are for Liverpool, who in days gone past may have been linked with a higher class of continental managers eg Guardiola, Hiddink, Hitzfeld etc

freeduck4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Liverpool has confirmed to receive a lot of interest the moment the news broke. I think Liverpool is an attractive job for any manager including the ones you listed. Here's why
1) The owners are not like Abramovich and sack half way through the season, and will support the manager's transfer, but will not spend obscene amounts on players with high values like Falcao, Hulk, etc etc
2) The name Liverpool still contains high value
3) A foundation to build from. When Dalglish took over, there was an enormous amount of deadwood in the club and players who had no future at the club. He shipped all of them out last summer and cut the wage bills tremendously. In addition, the manager coming in has a core to build from. A solid defense with Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique and Reina in goal. A midfield enforced by Lucas and Gerrard, and Suarez/Carroll at the front. There just needs to be additions to the squad.

I think a new manager who can spot talent at a bargain, good tactician, fill in voids in the squad, and buy players that can score goals will be a successful manager. At the moment Martinez is being interviewed because he has all those attributes. Because Hiddink, Guardiola hasn't been contacted isn't because LFC doesn't attract them, it's because they probably don't have the right type of character and ambitions that the club is looking for. The owners want someone who will stay at LFC for a long time. Look at Guardiola, as much as he loves Barcelona he doesn't want to be there forever. How many years could he possibly spend at Liverpool?

As for transfer budget, the media have no idea what they are talking about. The owners are willing to spend whatever amount the manager wants so long as it's spent responsibly. I wouldn't be surprised if it's close to 50m this summer, considering that players like Aquilani will be sold and we still have 15m from Meireles last summer.

ProjectVulcan4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I think you are dreaming freeduck, unrealistic, and are wearing incredibly rose tinted glasses.

Dalglish, aka King Kenny, Liverpool's saviour with all the sentimental support he had, has been sacked after less than 18 months. Job security even at Liverpool who indeed usually give managers more time- is no longer a given.

Martinez is a decent manager but he is not a big name nor particularly well proven anywhere. The fact the likes of Guardiola, Hiddink, Hitzfeld and Mourinho and that ilk have not even really been spoken of in this article too shows that the job isn't nearly as attractive as you think it is.

If the owners could secure a manager like that, then they would do. If Manchester United or City posts were vacant you can bet your ass the very next day the absolute creme de la creme of managers would be immediately linked to them. This is clearly just not the case for Liverpool here...

It is amusing to pretend that top names aren't linked because maybe they aren't the right 'character' or 'ambition'!! Denial much?

As for transfer budget, i stand by the idea Kenny has blown most of it. 50m isn't a massive amount anymore, and as i said, 130m is a lot more than 50m. More likely to be 30m i believe anyway.

freeduck4034d ago

I think you just have a bias against Liverpool. You don't even know if the managers you listed were even contacted, nobody does. Everything is kept behind closed doors as that is the Liverpool way.
I don't think you can possibly argue that job security is an issue at Liverpool, since the owners have always stated that they want long-term stability in the club. And it's ironic that you mention Manchester City as a club any top class manager would go to. Based off what premise, money? Certainly not job security. I guarantee you if City drew against QPR then Mancini would've gotten sacked because of poor UCL results, no cup trophy and no premiership trophy. City, Chelsea managers are always going to be under pressure. I can't imagine any top-class manager with any sort of dignity dream of going to those clubs based off what happened with the AVB fiasco, and how Roman treated Ancelotti. The Arab owners of City aren't any more patient either.

Two managers were sacked by FSG. Hodgson, who wasn't even appointed by them and he shouldn't have been manager to begin with, and Dalglish who many fans are disappointed because he deserved to finish what he started. I guess you can say that giving Dalglish a 3-yr contract was a mistake in retrospective, but the owners will learn their mistake and move forward. Attempting to do so, they have eliminated all the deadweight in the club, including Commolli, the club lawyer and entire fitness team and replacing that with a better team and director of football. With all those changes, this summer would be a prime time for any manager to come in and do a terrific job, because everything is there on the picnic table, the club just needs a strong manager who can bring success.
I trust the owners in bringing long-term stability and success to the club as they have experience in it already. I don't want Mourinho or Hiddink who WILL bring trophies and success for 2-3 seasons and leave, the fans and owners want someone who stay at the club, akin to Fergie at Utd and Moyes at Everton.

ProjectVulcan4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

You are a Liverpool supporter calling out my bias. I did laugh at that. You are nothing but biased when it comes to talk of this, of course! :D I am much more likely to take a neutral view of the situation by default...

Secondly you already said the job is attractive because of the backing of the owners and the security, but you know thats now in question because Kenny was sacked so quickly. Its nonsense. If they will sack 'King Kenny' in less than 18 months they will surely sack anybody else just as fast if not sooner if it doesn't quite go their way. There is no such thing as job security in the Premier League anymore, barring some exceptions for obvious reasons which are not going to be fulfilled at any other club anytime soon. The average tenure is just 2 years, and it would be an awful lot less if it weren't for 2 managers.

A job like City would be attractive for many top class managers regardless of the security, much as it has been for Chelsea the past decade. Sure enough they have gone through managers but usually always got the manager they wanted each time. Haven't they? They have always had the pick.

Liverpool need a world class manager because they are no longer a world class club or team. I already said they need someone who can build for a few years, but there are plenty of world class managers out there who would stay long enough, but just aren't interested in the Liverpool job because it isn't really very attractive. Which is why the shortlists are Martinez and Rodgers, instead of say Capello or Hitzfeld...

The difference isn't job security or anything like that, because top managers are always linked the Chelsea or City or would be to Arsenal and Manchester United. The difference is that the Liverpool post is no longer seen by a lot of world class managers as a top post.

Computersaysno4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Brendan Rodgers rejected talks with Liverpool. Does that mean he aint the right man for the job then freeduck? Or just that yeaaaaaaaa its not as attractive a job as you think it is? Rodgers turning it down so quick means it aint all that. Desailly says its too soon for him but he has about the same experience as martinez lol

freeduck4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

You have yet to give me a reason why any manager would be attracted to Chelsea or City besides money. At those two clubs, budgets are not a concern so naturally managers like Mourinho or Ancelotti would be attracted because as long as they spend money on the next best players, their squad will most likely succeed. Mourinho will always go to back to a club with lots of cash, he is too scared to move to a club that is low on resources. He wants his players, he wants to buy the best players. He won't move to a club like Liverpool because the owners will not tolerate another round of outrageous spending. Mourinho spent so much that when Rafa took over at Inter, Moratti refused to give Rafa any funds simply b/c Mourinho went on a spending spree prior.

Again, the owners and fans want a manager who can spend wisely, understands tactics, and can be there in the long-run. Ancelotti, Hiddink, Mourinho etc do not fit the bill. No one wants LFC to become the next City and invest hundreds of millions on players, so choosing the right manager is important. By the way I really think Capello and Hitzfeld are overrated.

You're only argument for why top managers refuse to come here is because LFC is not a world-class club anymore, which is unfounded and subjective.

LFC can attract any manager they want, just throw a bucketload of money at them and we can become the next City or Chelsea. But that's not what the owners or fans want.

ProjectVulcan4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

What do you mean yet to give you another reason? Money has been enough of a reason alone for years now. But then of course, managers know they can win trophies and leagues because of the money and craft a team with that money. Massive reasons. Where you been the past decade? Head in the sand?

Meh, you are just talking down world class managers because you can't get one. Now we have seen Klopp AND Rodgers turn down the Liverpool post quickly. Which is exactly what i predicted- you just can't deny that what i have said before this happened is already being fulfilled.

My argument is no argument, its looking like a solid cold fact right now with the quick rejections even from fairly low profile managers..... Liverpool isn't a world class club right now, it isn't subjective. No champions league for years, mid table finish.

Besides it isn't just that Liverpool aren't world class, it is the owners and fans are making the job a poisoned chalice. There is another article here backing up what i said about how unattractive the post is, clearly not just my sole opinion!!

Hodgson wasn't given a chance and fan pressure forced him out really. Liverpool even asked fans on twitter who they want as the next manager....Nobody wants to go either because they know that if the fans take a disliking to them, they'll probably get the boot sooner rather than later. Hodgson is merely case in point.

But then you have the unrealistic expectations of the fans that do that, and probably the owners too. Thinking Liverpool have some god given right to play in the champions league and compete at the top, or that they are just always 'unlucky' with results. This is all i hear from Liverpool fans.

The point is that Liverpool DON'T have that sort of money and are not very attractive anymore.

Its just something else i can post on a football forum that you the fans nor the owners don't want a lot of money thrown at the team. LOL thats a great quote.

Of course you do really, any club would love the money City or Chelsea have had. Anyone that says they wouldn't (even secretly) want to see their team buy up a bunch of superstars is lying through their teeth. Liverpool are no different. But yeah, Kenny blew it all and wasted most of it anyway.

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freeduck4035d ago

All viable options except Moyes, I don't think he has the type of character that would betray Everton fans.

I would rather get Rafa than Martinez because the 08-09 season is what Rafa is capable of. Shame he didn't have funds to build on that because he could've won the title the next season.

I'd rather not go for Mourinho as he will just leave in a few seasons or less, the owners want a long-term manager.

Mozilla894034d ago

From the news coming out right now it looks like they want Martinez.

kulka4034d ago

To be honest why the hell are we even looking at the likes of Rodgers and Martinez who have no experience of live above bottom half of the table get Rafa back!

zico4034d ago

nice to se Andre Villas-Boas as manager

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