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World's Most Overpaid Footballer?

BR - It’s not a bad life being a professional footballer. You spend your days kicking a ball around, travelling the world and collecting a fortune in earnings on the way.

Some players deserve every cent they make, but others are on the best free ride of their lives.

In this clip, Bleacher Report’s Will Tidey debates the most overpaid players in the game with our Lead Blogger, Mike Cummings.

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doncorleone2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Let's be honest here, how can someone who saves life can get less payed than someone who is kicking at ball for fun? I love soccer , but I found ridiculous that some players(even the best ones) are paid like 11 millions a year for something kids have to PAY to play (their parents anyway lol)

FootballZilla2345d ago

Football players get paid so much because theres loads of money involved in the sport its the same in any big team sports nba baseball... in contrast to like rugby which theres hardly any money involved the top players might get decent wages but thats it.

buddymagoo2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )


This is because we live in a capitalist bourgeois ( society. To fix it would be incredibly difficult.

KingPin2344d ago


coz watching soccer is much more entertaining than watching someone get laser eye surgery.

have you been to a medical specialist in your life?
theres a reason medical aid exists. it isn't cheap/free. doctors make their money.

also asking how can a footballer make more money than a person that saves lives, doesnt mean you a doctor you should be getting paid more than everyone else. West Coast Customs <a body shop/panelbeater> make more money than doctors. you gonna ask, how is it that people who fix cars get paid more than people who saves lives?

if people got paid for saving lives, il become a superhero. im thinking iron man, no radioactive spiders/nuclear gamma rays involved.

Corepred42344d ago

What are you on about? Doctor's make great money because they are paid by hospitals to do what others can't. Unfortunately, dead people and uninsured people don't pay for their medical bills. Football players and 'west coast customs' are paid do perform what they are good at. You think they are gonna do the work for free? I don't really get your point but people pay to be entertained. That's why they make as much as they do