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Real Madrid Transfer Rumours: Top 8 Replacements for Kaka

BR - Kaká has failed to live up to his €65 million transfer fee at Real Madrid, and the club would be better off finding a replacement.

His situation is similar to Barcelona spending €40.6 million on Marc Overmars. Like Overmars, Kaká has become a role player, instead of the star player he is expected to be.

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oli4211d ago

i just think he hasn't been given the chance and is underrated. He hardly played last year, but he played more this and look how far Real got.

Theo11304211d ago

yeah, but real getting far this year had more to do with ronaldos brilliance and getting an easy draw in the CL. Kaka has played a couple of good game, but his inconstancy, injury problems, and missing that crucial penaltie sentences him, to be honest he has been mostly dead weight.

oli4210d ago

of course ronaldo had a lot to do with how far they went, but bringing his self-esteem like that is never going to help. The times i've seen kaka play real usually has many more scoring opportunities.