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Dalglish thanks Liverpool fans

Kenny Dalglish has taken to Twitter to thank Liverpool fans for their 'overwhelming' support after his sacking.

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PaPa-Slam3910d ago

Nope, thank you Kenny for being a wonderful Manager. Best of Luck in whatever you do next.

freeduck3910d ago

Kenny is a forever legend. FSG were going to compensate him for terminating his contract, but he refused and insisted that the money go into transfers.

A true man that is Sir Kenny Dalglish

Really sad that this season didn't work out. :(

KazumaKiryu3909d ago

He really should have been given another season

The_Nameless_One3909d ago

I think his firing is more to do with politics then actual team performance.

PaPa-Slam3909d ago

@ The Nameless One:

I completely agree with, sending such a legend packing just after a 1 bad season, is not natural. Somethings Fishy.