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Ballack backing Bayern

Former Chelsea and Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Ballack is backing the German outfit to win the Champions League final on Saturday.

The 35-year-old, now playing for Bayer Leverkusen, was part of the Chelsea team which lost in the 2008 final and suffered similar heartache in 2001 during a previous stint at his current club.

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Tommykrem3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I think most of the world is with me when I say Chelsea does not deserve to win this one.

silvacrest3651d ago

i doubt most agree and im one of them, you could have at least said why btw....

Tommykrem3647d ago

I'm just annoyed that a team with that much money can bring so little to the sport. They don't play quality football compared to other teams at their level, they are riding on luck like no other team at the moment and they have, what one homegrown player? Barca really should have saved all their 'destructive football' complaints for Chelsea instead of Real, because they actually deserve it.

The_Devil_Hunter3650d ago

Why do you say his? Because their game against barca wasnt pretty?
They did the impossible...away, down to 10 men, playing defense the entire game. They deserve it.

oli3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I love Chelsea, but I have to agree with you. This is the worst Chelsea I've ever seen play.


They played that game the way it should've been played, but they don't play well. They're not consistent with their victories, just look at where they ended up in premier league.

silvacrest3650d ago

you do remember AVB was in charge for most of the season right? if roberto was in charge from day one i doubt we would have finished 6th

oli3650d ago


yes i am aware of that, but chelsea did tie/ lose against many easy teams, that is what i mean when i say they aren't consistent.

silvacrest3647d ago

i dont no if you usually watch chelsea matches or not, judging by your comments im gonna guess no

my point is, we dont usually play so defensive, we were playing strong attacking teams towards the end of the champions league so we played accordingly, AKA tactics

as for home grown players, what do you mean? born in this country? started career with this team? WHY DOES IT MATTER? what is gaines either way??

Tommykrem3647d ago

Obviously, the players have to come from somewhere, and if you buy all of them in an age of 25, instead of putting your resources into scouting and teaching young talent, then you don't really contribute to the sport. Does how Chelsea play in Premier League really matter to how they're doing in Champions League? For all I care they could be play terribly in PL and be relegated, and still well-deservingly win the Champions League. They are two different tournaments all together.

Tactics is one thing, Real Madrid plays tactically against Barcelona, but at least they try to put up an attack, and rely on skills to win the match. If you look at statistics from Chelsea - Baca and Chelsea - Bayern, the tactic doesn't seem to be very efficient at removing opponents' shots at goal or creating chances. Because the wins are all luck. (well, not all luck. Chelsea did some great defending in the final)

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Mozilla893651d ago

Which ever team wins the Champions League deserves to win it because they've proven their worth over the course of 13 games. That's what makes it one of the hardest trophies to win.

MYSTERIO3603651d ago

Although i want bayern to win it somethings telling me chelsea will specially after the 2009 & 2008 losses chelsea will want it more

kulka3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I'm going for Bayern :) Ribery, Gomez and Robben will prove too much for Chelsea's weakened defense.

The_Devil_Hunter3650d ago

I feel the sams way. Except i want chelsea to win yet bayerns forward players seem too much for chelseas cole and cahill. i hope chelsea win i mean they have beaten the worlds best team with one man down. Yes their fotball wasnt beautiful but whos football is beautiful against the likes of Barcelona. Honesrly Chelsea deserve this.

Golden_Dive3650d ago

Fuck up , finished 8th , firing queen qenny dicklish help yall 80$ Million -

Get after Drogba fool - Impossible is possible