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I'm The New "Moderator', A Quick Note.

So the Latest/Greatest news is that I've successfully beaten all of you Sorry A**** for the Mod Spot. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

LOL. I'm just messing around. I love you guys.

This blog isn't going to be a long one, where i talk about stuff you don't give a Damn about. I just simply wanted to make you guys aware of 2 things:

1 - I Can Add Tags Now -- ( This has been a major issue for all the News Contributors since the day 11x2 launched ( Still Is ), but now what you can do is, you can send the Tag/s that are missing from the System to me Via PM & i'll make sure they are added ASAFP. )

2 - I'm The New 'CAT' -- ( Now you do not have to bother 'CAT' for every little problem you face here on 11x2, you shoot them to me now, that's what i'm here for ( To Solve Your Problems ). Unless you hate me ( Which Is Highly Unlikly )& want to complain about how i'm doing things around here. But know this, that i hate you too. ) :P

I would highly appreciate all the help i will get from the Top Community Members ( AKA, NMH, Karim, Jak3y, BuddyMagoo etc ).

Cheers All.

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buddymagoo3509d ago

Congratulations and good luck! Personally, I've been a little busier than usual this week boss so I haven't had the chance to approve or submit but I'll get right on it.

-Mezzo-3509d ago

No worries com-padre, Personal life is much more important, we & 11x2 aren't going anywhere, you'll find us here when you're free and Back.

karim3509d ago

Mezzo, you cocky bastard! Jk, loved the picture..Anyway, I would suggest that people should send you at least 5 tags per message because getting messaged for only adding a simple tag can be really annoying!

-Mezzo-3509d ago

Great Minds Think Alike.

Cat3509d ago

Yep, it's true, I only want the really big impossible problems. Anything less than that just isn't worth interrupting my poolside mai tai.

no_more_heroes3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Ah, great! Let's start with some missing managers then:

Manuel Pellegrini (manager)
Roberto Martinez (manager)
Steve Clark (manager)
a proper Andre Villas-Boas tag
Diego Simeone (manager)

Those are just some of the many that I can think of off the top of my head. Obviously there's a lot more.

Honestly though, the whole tag system needs a complete and total overhaul. It can definitely be organized better. Hopefully that's part of the update.

Who knows? I'm currently learning web development (both in college and an internship, a big reason for my sporadic presence on this site). Maybe by semester's end I could design something myself for the fun of it. :)

-Mezzo-3509d ago

Done, all those tags you mention have been Added.

coolbeans3509d ago

If I said I voted for I get prizes? XD


-Mezzo-3509d ago

You have the prize of having my gratitude for life. :D

coolbeans3508d ago

Now if I said I...*gulp*...didn't vote for you?