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New Moderator In Place, Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hello All, hope you're all been having a wonderful day.

I've been made a Moderator for the site and i thought i'd make a quick ( short ) introduction blog, i'll introduce myself as a Moderator because many of you are already familiar with me as an 11x2 member and some, as a person.

I'm here to help 11x2 run smoothly, to keep the spam cleared and not let it stay in pending section for over a year, to make sure that poorly submitted stories do not get approved, to make sure Duplicates do not get approved. All of that has been very minimal as it is, as the poor submissions have been (almost) regularly reported by the awesome/dedicated members on 11x2 ( Keep It Up Guys ).

I'm also here to help you ( The Members ) if you ever need any, so if you have any question you need answered or any info you need, just shoot me a PM, i will definitely reply to your question with the best of my knowledge.

And i know that Members cannot create Tags to attach to their stories, fortunately i can. I will be adding as many Tags as possible everyday, a lot of them are missing such as Riyad Mahrez, Hector Bellerin, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Granit Xhaka etc. 'You Can Tell I'm An Arsenal Fan'. lol

So that's about it i guess, lets get to it. :D
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"I Know Moderation, I Have The Best Moderation Skills"- Donald J. Trump ( The Quote That Describes My Moderation Skills The Best )

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-Mezzo-2012d ago

That's the best i could write, do not judge me. :P

giant2011d ago

Site will be in shape again. Yaay!!
When will be the previous month's winner will be announced mod?

-Mezzo-2011d ago

Your enthusiasm is much appreciated. 😁👍

I know you guys want to know about your winnings and other contests, i have no information on that but i will ask and get back to you if i get any update.

KingPin2011d ago

Hi mezzo,

may i make a suggestion.
i know it takes an awful long time for the latest news to get approved to this site and by the time they do, its already 2-3 days old, if not more. Would it be possible, just for the next month or so, for you (or any other site admins) to pin articles directly to the front page to keep the site as up to date as possible. At the same time, it would stop the poorer quality articles making the front page by certain people who have a shot-gun approach to approving articles.

i also noticed that the last contest you had was in January looking at the 11x2 front page. Has there not been any competitions since?

Regarding the competitions, maybe you should change up the next competition a bit like what they did over that techspy. Aside from doing the whole approval thing, try to get people talking about football. Maybe writing blogposts on who will win the uefa champions league/epl/laliga/etc and why? maybe discuss changes to refereeing decisions they seen that they liked/disliked in certain games. or just the state of football in general. alternatively you could pick a topic for the month and have people write on that. You (and other admins) could pick the 3 best for the month and give those members prizes. Its literally free money for stating an opinion but at the same time it could draw back the interesting discussions we used to have back in the day.

My apologies for typing a long A$$ message. wasn't sure if i should've PMd you however i thought maybe making my suggestions public, we could get a weigh in on what other members of the site think. Good or bad, the whole objective here is to improve the site so I believe everyone's input is important.


-Mezzo-2011d ago

I highly appreciate all the wonderful suggestions KingPin.

I completely agree with what you said about approving stories faster so that the Latest News makes it on to the front page immediately rather than as a 2/3 days old news, like i said i am here all the time and will make sure good proper stories get approved in appropriate time but as a Mod i cannot Pin stories, i love it how they're doing it on TechSpy and would also like to do the same here but i cannot.

And i have contacted the Admin regarding the Contest's and i'm hopeful i'll get a reply pretty soon so we can get you all back contributing for them sweet rewards, and as soon as i get the go, i will be shaking things up with the Contest ( If It's Left Upto Me ).

I'm not approving right now as all the Stories in Pending right now were submitted by Me and it doesn't seem appropriate for me to approve them myself, so i left it up to others to approve, but i am in Pending section alot throughout the day and will get Properly Submitted Stories approved as fast as i can.

This is just the start and i'd appreciate the Patience and Contribution right now and surely will get it all back to the way it was.

Once Again, I highly appreciate your suggestions and contributions. :D

sonicwrecks2011d ago

If you can make sure all the missing teams from the various leagues are added including adding more than Celtic and Rangers for Scotland that'd be a great start Mezzo!

-Mezzo-2010d ago

I am on it Sonic, any suggestion coming from you means a lot. Thank You.

sonicwrecks2010d ago

Oh god, years on the various cups as well. We're no longer in 2012. :D

-Mezzo-2010d ago

I'm trying to figure that out, but can't seem to.

coolbeans2011d ago

Listen up, people. I've been around the "internet block" for a while and conversed with a lot of people--which, believe me, when I say a lot I mean a WHOLE LOT, okay? -Mezzo-, whom I've spoken with a few times in the past, well...maybe more than a few, maybe less, anyways, I've spoken with him, that's the point. And I can tell you, and you ought to take my word for it, that -Mezzo-'s going to make 11x2 GREAT AGAIN.

Anyways, congrats on attaining modhood, -Mezzo-.


-Mezzo-2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

And here i thought i couldn't love you any more. :D

Thank You.