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Come on Maradona!


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A trip down memory lane.

Marseille, France. World Cup 1998. A night which will live in memory of every Norwegian. Norway had to beat Brazil in order to progress to the knock-out stage. In the second half Bebeto scores and hope fades away. Then....
Tore-Andre Flo, or "Flonaldo" after this day nutmegs Junior Baiano and curls the ball past Taffarel in the goal. 1-1! On any other day this would have been a magnificent result for a nation like Norway, but we had to win!!
In the 88th minute, Flo is brought down by the Brazilians and the ref gives a penalty! The legendary commentator Arne Scheie shouts five times: "Is it a penalty??!!" His co-commentator yells back: "It is! It is!"
Then 'o captain, my captain' Rekdal, the coldest and coolest man ever, nets it and a state of euphoria is reached all over Norway and for the 7000 Norwegians in Marseille!
This is the greatest memory in Norwegian international football history and eventhough Norway didn't qualify for this World Cup, I hope someone will experience something like this in South Africa.

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what a great story but how did you feel in particular ?