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What Liverpool should do.

Liverpool has a bad squad with only two quality players, since it looks like Masch is leaving. I therefore present a possible solution for The Reds.
Sell Gerrard and Torres! I know this is painful for many Pool supporters, but I think this must be done. Only like this will you get the capital to buy 5-6 cheap quality players. Who should Liverpool FC buy? What positions needs to be enforced? If you lose Torres and Gerrard you obviously need a new midfielder and striker. If Torres is sold to City, a trade and cash would be preferable. Santa Cruz is someone who is not in Mancini's plans for next season. He should be a target for Liverpool. A quality player who guarantees 15-20 goals if played enough. Also, look at the top clubs and see what quality players who is not playing enough. Van der Vaart is not playing week in and out at Real so he should also be a potential target. Will he go to a club without Champions League play next year? Yes, since it is Liverpool. Mourinho will tidy up the squad and it's here Liverpool will find cheap quality. Drenthe, Van der Vaart, Raul and Gago are just a few. Talking about tidying up, Liverpool must sell off their so called quality players: Aquilani, Babel, Benayoun, Degen, Insua, Lucas and a couple of others. This will free up some transfer funds and will free up money for paying the new real quality coming in. Look at the WC as well. Scout out the players from the African nations. They are extremely well motivated and will probably not cost too much, two-three quality signings to build up the squad in order to have back-ups who will not bring down the overall quality. Also hire quality youth coaches and a manager who dares to use the players coming through the Academy. At the moment, Liverpool's subs are more likely to loose games than win them. Sorry for the harsh words, but I want to see Liverpool up again. I truly believe that drastic measures are needed.

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karim4190d ago

Yeah you are right about this article but there is something you seem to forget,Torres wants Champions league football so he will not go to city.I think the best way is to sell him 2 chelsea (45M + Di santo and somebody young).Gerrard is the Heart of liverpool,there is no liverpool without gerrard.They will collapse the best is to sell torres,babel,benayoun (keep aquilani he is a quality player) and buy benzema,van der vaart and there is a german playmaker called mesut ozil will be a great signing !

20legend4190d ago

errors are fixed. You just want Torres you:) Gerrard is Liverpool, but no player is more important than the club, and LIverpool needs money and he is someone who will bring in alot of money if sold. Agreed about Ozil, but since it looks like he's gonna have a good WC he will probably go to someone bigger. Gerrard needs to be sold now or his price will go down and than there'll be no point in selling him. I think Di Santo would be a mistake because they're going to needs someone with a bit more quality now. He is gifted but not a top player yet. Huntelaar onloan or something like this would be preferable in my mind!

BjornarO4189d ago

Kenny Daglish is the man for the club right now. He will bring back the old Liverpool spirit. And then we have to fix new players when possible.

karim4188d ago

Yeah I want torre :$:P But if he goes to us the club will benefit also.2 Days ago I read an article and agreed that liverpool need to sell Gerrard.I am so Sad about liverpool,they have to rebujild the team

20legend4188d ago

It's sad, but it has to be done:(

chelseafootball4187d ago

gerrard can't be sold he tryed to go befor and got a lot of death threts n all

blackadee4181d ago

Why if i may ask,sell these players for what? your reason is on good enough.Our only problem now is to find a better coach to manage the few good players we have and to hope for the best next season.

nokali4177d ago

Liverpool play Basilo beautiful and interesting

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