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Suarez And Racism

This is a tricky situation as i dont want to sound like a typical Man United fan but i feel if FA found him guilty then it is deserved end of day Racism of any account in my eyes should be treat with harsher punishments then the one given to Suarez(it is simply not acceptable). Now i know alot of Liverpool fans are stating that what he said wasn’t bad at all and is used commonly in Uruguay which may be true but this aint Uruguay and its the context of the word not what was said that usually implies racism or any ill meaning towards another for example I can say Bitch out loud but unless I aim it at somebody I do no see it as a bad word. Also while Suarez may not be a racist person as stated by a few people even Evra that does not mean his remark was not a racist remark as it clearly was since Evra took offence to it. Also those saying oh Terry gets away with it no he hasn’t he will actually have a bigger punishment if found guilty as it was reported to the police and will be in court on 1st Feb next year so expect if found guilty just as big a punishment if not a bigger one.

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kulka2825d ago

I think the FA are being racist here you just have to accept other cultures

shadowraiden2825d ago

That's different we accept other cultures but he is living in England and plays in a competition that is run by the FA he has to follow their rules and culture not one that is in Uruguay.

kulka2824d ago

Players in Spain Portugal use the same word on daily basis...
even Thaigo of Barca used it at least 2 in one post at his official twitter account

GJ232824d ago

So if a player from a cannibal tribe in Papua New Guinea comes to the premier league and eats a player then he should be allowed cause it's his culture?

Ridiculous argument to make.

neoragex2824d ago


NewMonday2824d ago

" cannibal tribe in Papua New Guinea "

now see that is racism

GJ232823d ago


It's obviously an over exaggerated example of how flawed that argument is to make. If you didnt get that then im surprised you had enough brain power to figure out how to turn on your computer

@ newmonday

Do some research, Papua New Guinea is one of the countries left that still have a tribe who do practice cannibalism (korowai tribe). You obviously have no idea what racism is. Stating that they exist is not racist. Discriminating against them is though. That is what Suarez has done

kulka2823d ago

watch this video and tell me if he is a racist!!

sokrates2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Got your point. Not that bad after all.

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RedDevils2824d ago

He live in Holland for God how long and he still think it ok to say those word? LOL This is Europe not South America he should know that by the time he step foot to Amsterdam no mention England

Nes_Daze2823d ago

The point that he is in England is irrelevant, "negro" means black. It would've been different if he said ni****. I don't care if he's in England, Holland, or France. His punishment should be reevaluated.