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i like Chelsea but i have to admit as a football fan in general that PSG is superior everywhere.

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STFU Ribery, what did he do more than any player from Bayern? of course it's about individual stats and Ronaldo puts him to shame.

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if arsenal liverpol City chelsea lose most of their matches then yes i agree with him..
he better shut up and get back to work.

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Very impressive Real Madrid.. Defense was kinda weak with PEPE but i'm happy Marcelo could score it's good for the confidence i like that player a lot!

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good thing he left Real Madrid, spanish media is unbearable! i like Real Madrid but i think it was too much with the media, they pretend being better coaches than he is. in that case, one of these guys could just apply for the next season's coach

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that guy is a loser i have never seen a team with so many conflicts between players and he is the cause of all that.
Man City deserves a more professional manager than this guy was.

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Manchester Shitty :D

@Sandmano: do you know anything about football?

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yes and Pepe is for me the cause Madrid is out of Champion's League the first goal Dortmund scored against them came from Pepe's mistake, and some of the other goals as well. He is losing focus he was much better last year

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He is right! Varane is coming from another planet! He is so clean and calm when he plays.

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that would be great because spanish media is fu**** up they disliked him so bad. in england people like him so it makes sense he moves back.

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Barca tried hard but they had a huge wall in front of them. What i found is a pity is Real Madrid i felt like they didnt wanna play during the two matches and they only pressed the speed button in the last 10 min of second match.

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the only way for him to taste champion's league is to bite one who won it

suarez, final boss of the next Resident Evil

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what a low class reporter.

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lol he's actually right!
that guy is so much overhyped! he is unable to score when he's playing against a non brazilian team.

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no doubt about that! he's the absolute king

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i'll never forget that goal against argentina in world cup 1998!

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this guy has no elegance when he plays. I hate watch him on a football field.

i still think he's too expensive for 15M.

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Real Madrid players are gentlemen!!
not like barca chicks!

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for me there is red card cause Nani didnt pull his leg back he kept pushing.

he could see Arbeloa coming stop this because your favorite team lost

here take a look:

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shut up! a win is a win

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