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sahil... check that record again at the end of next season when he manages a team that will once again, finish above liverpool ;)

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so biting (which is rather stupid anyway lol) is worse then racism? :S

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Looks like rafa benitez has created an account on this site :/

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True, this Chelsea team has some very dangerous players who can change games on their own and I fully expect them to be a lot stronger next season providing they sort out their manager issues.

Rather the league be decided this early again though in utd's favor ;)

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Chelsea looked much hungrier and fully deserved the win. Only positive for united was welbeck and if everyone put half as much effort in that first half as he did the result may have been different.

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rio's clap at the end summed it up perfectly..

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it looked exactly like it was... nani reaching for the ball with no eyes whatsoever on the player and the player running into his leg. A yellow at most and a complete joke of a red.

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w.t.f lol, was not expecting that. Don't see Messi having too many off days either, but today was one. but credit to Milan, they played a terrific game and were pretty much perfect at the back.

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on fm 2013 maybe, but probably not.

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Woah, way to much Wilshere hate in here... hes the only player on arsenals team that looks to have any drive. most of their attacks go through him, his dribbling has really improved and hes got great vision. not to mention hes been out a lot with injuries etc. He is the only arsenal player I would have at united atm.

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chill... thats how feeder clubs work

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just no.

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yeh that ref was awful, completely inconsistent with free kicks, may as well flipped a coin.

and don't think I have ever seen Rooney play so badly, should have come off much sooner. Points not too bad a result though away to Swansea and the defence started looking solid in the second half which with Vidic back might be a sign of things to come from them.

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their style of play is what keeps them in the league... look what happened to Bolton as soon as they tried playing what you most likely call good football with average players (lasted a season then got relegated the next). It doesn't work and besides its teams like stoke that make the prem exciting. If every team played the same pretty football the best teams would never (well hardly ever) lose/ draw which id say is more boring then watching the big teams struggle every now and then.

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well whats it say about the champions league that the champions of it are out? nothing... just like city being out doesn't say too much about the prem.

anyway, maybe rafa will actually spark life into torres.. miracles do happen lol.

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Haha loving how everyone is calling buddy butthurt, arrogant or wtv, yet there's this guy still sulking about last game.

and gamer you are hilarious... city have hardly been great defensively so far this season and any other team with the injuries we have had there would have crumbled...

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That awkward moment when all John Terry had to do was score a penalty to win the champions league and falls on his arse... Either way these comments are both off topic and have nothing to do with ManUtd's new kit, Which btw, looks horrible.

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bridge was the victim though, completely the opposite to this..

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Patrice Evra!!!!! Suck on that luis!!!

Get in, great result!
all it required was a handshake and the fool refused.. Now he looks a complete idiot!

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lmao, link did make me laugh though

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