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I might be missing something but what i see is Evra flopping and if hes not it still not bad enough to get mad at Suarez for and what seem to start the argument that lead for all this.

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How about they use a Lie Detector on the appeal it seems to be one mans word over another Suarez claims he said it once and Evra claims he said it 5 or 10 times.

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What if you say bitch or bastard to your self and and someone claims you said if to them does the FA have a right to ban you? its your word against his it different but similar in the way of Evra claiming he said it 10 times and Suarez denying it.

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According to Evra its one mans word against another it was never proving he say it ten times but I don't know maybe he did.

I don't know how Evra can claims he said it ten time but goes on record and says he doesn't think Suarez is racist.

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You're a silly goose.

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I think the FA should donate the £40,000 to The United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

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Its his right to appeal if he wants to if he knows he's innocent then he should if not he shouldn't and accept it.

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As an Uruguayan I think the FA full of crap with the decision for 8 games the word negro is nothing my father nick name is Negro and he's white its meaningless but from this Evra said 'I don't think that Luis Suarez is racist'and the FA in their opening remarks accepted that Luis Suarez was not racist So I dont think he racist.

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Great game thank you Uruguay keep it up

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I love it Uruguay all the way

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Good job Uruguay dont care how you win just do it for all us Uruguayans.

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Uruguay played like crap but glad they at least tied.

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I think it even out in the end ref failed to call a penalty in overtime for Uruguay which could of put Uruguay in the lead if the they would have made the penalty kick.

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Lets go Uruguay!!!

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