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Getting Mourinho would be like getting Messi and Ronaldo. Getting Guardiola would be like getting another Torres.

I Dont mean it in a bad way but Roman will pay whatever just to bring Pep in for maybe 1 season because it wont be no surprise if he gets sacked or not.

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This is a joke. i think the board and Abra and just fucking around with the club. The fuck is going on here. Im so fucking pissed off at the club its not even funny. How the hell is Torres still apart of that team but RDM is not anymore.. WTF? haha pathetic isn't it!?

One day, Roman will wake up with the idea of selling the club, on this day it's gonna be very dangerous...
Anyways Its Roman Empire. Abramovich as the Emperor, Chelsea board as the senators and ...

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United signed him mate , the FA let it slide

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Seriously, Manchester United should have the FA as their sponsors, that was a disgrace. Every team gets decisions that go their way but there's a rabbit away with Manchester United, someone needs to look into this, oh wait that would be the FA - LOL!

I think you forgot to understand that United signed Mark Clattenburg over the summer mate! Howard Webb wasn't feeling too good'

How pathetic....
Manchester United is full ...

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Im No Chelsea supporter but to me the Ballon D' Oro should go to Didier Drogba , he who single handed brought Chelsea home the champions league
He was the reason Chelsea made alive in the Fa Cup & Ucl group stages and most of every game
He took Ivory coast to the final in the Africa Nation Cup
Hes a legend and deserves to be up there with Messi & Ronaldo

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Haha , true & funny

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A nice one would be Ronaldo of Brazil
Another would be Zidane of France
And My last would be Didier Drogba " Mr Wembley "

They Forgot to add George Best and Franz Beckenbauer!
Where is Abedi Pele of Ghana?
There is more than 50 players that could fit perfectly with these players , hard to pick and chose between.

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He will not go anywhere, City sit down and put up your money
you can spend millions but wont get much - This team is not wise with there money at all LOL

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Please pronounce it barca kiddo ' lol

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Scraping by United Last year, trust me it will matter lmao

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If Chelsea get Falcao , I'd be afraid to be against them
Hazard - Mata- Moses-Marin-Oscar-Ramires-Lamp ard-Sturridge-FernandoTorres- & Falcao might be the most explosive Attacking Team In The World

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Hes Not worth his price tag , Thats the only problem big clubs had for him
Honestly I rather stayed at Fc Porto than Zenit

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Top 3
Man City

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Not good enough to play his regular position ?

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Hazard is worth every penny spent on ,
Hes on a roll , 5 assist + 1 Goal in 3 game
I was hoping to see demba cisse or ba get a goal in

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Luck was a huge part for liverpools victory

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Nope, Hopefully they get rejected

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They won't eve get accepted into he top 4 for a while and hope levy clubs goes slowly into midtavle team or something

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Gylfi Sigurdsson is brilliant!

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